iPhone Caseaholic

I like to change my iPhone case often – like once a day! It really depends on my mood but I like to have a few to keep on hand for different occasions. Office meetings require sleek leather cases while glamorous events require bejewelled cases and the weekend requires something a bit more fun.

Funky mobile phone cases are all the rage these days, especially after the Moschino cases became so popular with their McDonald’s fries design, teddy bears and ice cream cones. Pop art is all the rage and we can see it on bags, t-shirts and especially mobile phone cases.

Claire’s is great for shopping for funky iPhone cases and they are very affordable as well! From animals themes, to glamorous bejewelled cases to pop art themes, there really is something for everyone.


The Claire’s iPhone cases I’ve featured here are only a small selection of what is available. I like the designs here for the weekend, when I feel a bit more lighthearted. And I dare you to try to not get attention with the giraffe mobile case! See how far you get. It’s certainly a conversation starter. I love the chocolate bar mobile case (below) as well.


Because pop art is so popular these days you would actually be surprised how pairing one of these with a really cool outfit will really compliment it. Make sure to click on my fashion tab to see my style post using the flamingo case below!


What is so cool about the Octopus case below is that it lights up! You can set it so that the lights flash on and off or they just remain on continuously. So you can use this for a torch and you can bet anything that no one else will have a flashing mobile phone case.


If you aren’t into animals or pop art, there are still some really nice and classy iPhone cases at Claire’s as well as festival-ready summer accessories – you can’t go wrong!


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