Make-up Haul with NYX

I first fell in love with NYX over their Studio Primer which I felt did a great job at priming my face for make-up. NYX also has a huge range of cosmetics for the face, eyebrows, eyes and lips and they all come with quirky names which makes the brand very fun to play with (see other: Shine Killer and Push Up Bra For Your Eyebrows). I was invited to see their new spring launches at the Icetank Studios. So what did they have? Well stick with me and I will tell you!


A primer is great – sometimes you need it and sometimes you don’t but when you do it can be a lifesaver. You need to find the right combo of make-up first though so nothing clumps up. NYX has managed to target two areas of concern for people in two different primers – one is Shine Killer (no explanation needed right?) and Pore Filler (again, no brainer). I’ve been very impressed by all of NYX primers – it’s one of the things that I think the brand does best.


Another thing that I can appreciate about NYX is that they provide a mini-tutorial on all of their packaging with before and after pictures. So no need to get on YouTube to try and figure out how to use the product. It’s right there for you to see!


I absolutely love this NYX Wonderstick! Again it comes with an easy-to-follow tutorial on the package and will show you how to contour. This stick is easy to blend – good for contouring beginners or anyone who wants to save some time!


I’ve been really impressed with NYX lip products. This Lip Cream is so soft upon application, it feels like silk. The colour is perfect for any season as well!


Again, NYX has hit the mark with these Butter lippies – the bubblegum pink colour below is such a fun colour for spring – pair it with a lightly made-up face for a sweet-looking pop!


I have very oily skin so tend to a shiny t-zone which has to be controlled throughout the day. A great alternative to applying layer after layer of powder to control shine are blotting papers. They will absorb the oil and you don’t have to carry around a powder in your bag! More space for lipstick:)


I love ‘The Curve’ eyeliner. Because of its unique shape it allows you to create a perfect and unwavering cat-eye flick.



For the face, NYX have a range of colours for all skin tones. I always go for a BB Cream so the Tinted Moistuiser below makes for a nice light choice for the weekend. I also really like this Baked Blush because it also acts as an illuminator and bronzer due to its subtle shimmer and unique colour.



My favourite product of all of them is A Push-Up Bra For Your Eyebrows – this is a highlighter and brow pen in one so you can use the highlighter just under your eyebrow arch to accentuate. The colour of the brown pen is universal and it fits my eyebrow colour perfectly.


From top to bottom is the Eyebrow pen colour, Highlighter, Curve Liner and Wonder Pencil.


I use the Wonder Pencil to line the inner lower rim of my eyes to make them appear brighter. Great for bleary-eyed mornings! You can also use this as a concealer or lip liner. A great handbag hero.




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