Plopping – the Latest Hair Trend From the USA

Plopping. What’s that? Yes, I said plopping! It has nothing to do with twerking, thank goodness. Plopping is the latest hair trend from the U.S. Wiki How ( defines it as ‘to put wet hair up into a cloth; n. said act of putting hair up.’

Plopping is all about reducing drying time for your hair and enhancing waves and curls – both of which are good things. It’s about ‘plopping’ your hair into a towel and arranging it in such a way that you will actually dry your hair and get some nice waves or curls in the process. It’s the way that you put your hair in the cloth that will allow you to get better waves/curls so it’s best to think of this as arranging the hair on the top of your head like an accordion.


So how do you do this plopping thing? I used Boucleme’s Organic Curl Towel which is fantastic for plopping. Simply lay the towel out on a flat surface (I used my couch) and bend over and lower your wet, freshly washed hair into the towel, scrunching it up until your head touches the towel. Then simply wrap it up like a du-rag (Google it if you don’t know what this is) and leave it to dry naturally.


Boucleme’s towel is nice and soft and the size of it makes it perfect for plopping and being able to actually wrap it up around your head. No loose ends here and it won’t fall off! I left my towel on my freshly ‘plopped’ hair for about an hour and my hair did look a lot wavier than usual when I took the towel off. My hair is pretty fine so it was mostly dried as well which saved me from the hassle of blow drying. If you have time to let your hair dry naturally, this is a great way to do so!


My ‘plopping’ result!


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