Things to Make Your Life Easier

I spend a lot of time talking about beauty and fashion so it’s nice to switch things up a bit and talk about other things that might make your life a bit easier! Of course it all depends on what you like but for me, these are the four things this week I want to focus on that have perked up my life (and made it a bit easier)!


If you like sparkling water, this is a godsend. I love sparkling water and spend a lot of money on buying it. Even though I recycle the bottles, I felt like that was still creating a lot of unecessary waste. Enter SodaStream. This handy little machine makes unlimited (60 liters per gas cylinder to be exact) sparkling water in seconds. You simply fill up the bottle (pictured below) with your own tap water or filtered water, fit it into the machine, press the top of the machine and it will inject the carbonation into your water in a matter of seconds. You can then take the bottle off, put the cap on it and store it in your fridge to have chilled sparkling water at any time.

photo 2 (13)

You can add flavour to your carbonated water or simply add fresh lemon or lime, like I did below. In the first day of using this, I drank twice as much water as I usually do as I prefer the taste and I didn’t have to throw away any bottles so it’s very economically friendly.

Even for someone like me who doesn’t like to set things up – this was about as simple as it gets. It doesn’t need to be plugged in anywhere either making it very portable. I would highly recommend it!

photo 1 (17)

photo 3 (12)


Halfords has a range of things to make your life easier that you wouldn’t normally think about. Like these portable utensils (below). I tend to travel quite a bit so love these as I can take them on any trip and eat on-the-go. Great for university students or people who like to bring their lunch to work everyday. They are easy to clean, lightweight and come with a pouch that you can put them in so they don’t get dirty. Fantastic!



Halfords also has this fantastic iPhone portable charger. It’s called a Juice All Nighter and it’s about the same size as an iPhone5. Simply charge it up at home and then carry it around with you and use it when you need a boost. It’s already saved me twice. I was using a battery powered one previously but again these are wasteful and create battery waste so I much much prefer these portable chargers. And once they are charged up they will power up your iPhone 1.5 times. Also works with a iPhone6, iPad Air or Samsung S4 or S5.


Lastly what if you don’t have time to make a coffee in the morning? It’s getting hotter out now as well so it may be time to make the switch to cold brew coffee. Sandows has a portable cold brew coffee that you can grab and go. The coffee beans are soaked in cold water for hours to create a lovely, mild coffee that doesn’t taste bitter. I mix mine with milk and a bit of sugar for a lovely iced coffee on the go.




What things make your life easier?


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