New Look: Accessories Haul

I was in New Look over the weekend and lo and behold, stumbled across a little bit of bling. A little bit of bling never hurt anyone right? For some reason, the exact things that I had been looking for I found in one trip there. I was looking for a new mobile phone case, new lipstick and new bag accessories and suddenly they were in front of me! Luck seemed to be on my side it seemed.

First things first, I wanted a new mobile phone case. I picked up the one below which is exactly what I was looking for – something with a bit of sparkle.


Also, did you know that New Look also has a beauty section? There is a wide range of nail polishes and lipsticks which are very reasonably priced at £2.99 and up.


Last but not least I picked up these bag accessories. One is a tassel that you can simply clip on to any bag to give it an extra fashionable edge as well as a furry ball (as seen on all the Fendi bags this season) in grey to accentuate even my designer bags. And at £2.99 each you really can’t afford not to splurge on them!



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