Festival Essentials From The Body Shop

Guess what? The Body Shop has some cool little multi-tasking products just in time for festival season! One that I am really excited about is the Universal Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick. This adapts to the unique pH of your skin to create your own individual poppy shade! The tip is actually black but the formula goes on clear at first and then develops into a unique rose tint. The colour result is really natural and gives your lips the ‘no lipstick, I was born with it’ look. You can build up the coverage and the intensity of the colour as well. In the age of personalisation, this is a real beauty.


For anyone who has lusted after Lipstick Queen’s ‘Frog Prince’ lipstick – the Velvet Stick is a fantastic alternative at nearly half the price. And it works for your cheeks as well! This is perfect to carry around at festivals, show your friends and impress them. Oh, and look good as well.



Another great multi-tasking product for festivals are the Poppy Shimmer Cubes. They are a mini-palette of four eyeshadows which can be used wet or dry. Again, much like the NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows, these are a less expensive alternative and you get four colours in one go. For a deeper colour, apply with a wet eyeshadow brush and for a lighter look apply dry or even with your fingertips – you just might have to at a festival!



You can make the coverage as light or as heavy as you want. I chose to keep mine quite light when I swatched my hand below, as this is how I would use it on my eyelids. I really like the orange shade and pink shades because they are unique and something you may not normally wear at the office. Which makes them perfect for festivals or weekends! Go wild I say…




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