Superdrug Summer Swap Shop: Swap Your Beauty Products to Save!

Everyone knows Superdrug and the variety of products that are stocked there but have you ever considered swapping your beauty products for Superdrug’s Own Brands to save some serious cash? The Superdrug team asked me to list out the beauty products I am currently using this summer and challenged me to swap them out for the Superdrug equivalent.

Recent research shows that the average Brit could save over £150 a year by swapping from pricey brands to own brand beauty and toiletries. Curious to see what I thought of the swaps and how much I would save by switching to them? Read on!


Here are the products currently on my skincare roster:

Summer Suncare Products: Dermalogica Anti-Redness Primer SPF 20, Clarins Body Oil SPF 30

Summer Skincare Products: Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster Serum, Dermalogica Hydrating Skin Masque, Vichy Idealia Eye Serum

Summer Travel Products: Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant, Baptiste Dry Hair Shampoo in Original, Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Wipes, Trilogy Hydrating Toner Mist

Summer Bath and Body Products: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub, Dr Bronners 18 in 1 Citrus Castile-Soap, The Body Shop Body Butter in Virgin Mojito


Here are my Superdrug own brand swaps:

Summer Skincare Products: Vitamin E Moisture Mask, B. Uplifted 3D Lift Eye Cream, Restoring Skin Care Oil, Clearly Youthful Hydrating Day Serum

Summer Travel Products: Vitamin E Refreshing Toner Mist, Nourishing Nail Polish Remover Wipes, Ready to Rock Dry Hair Shampoo

Summer Bath and Body Products: Vitamin E Sugar & Oil Body Scrub, Coconut and Sweet Lime Body Butter

I also wanted to try the Tea Tree Blended Oil for blemishes and Clearly Youthful Blemish Treatment Gel for summer spot control.


In total I could save £146.07 by switching to Superdrug Own brands! I go through skincare products quite quickly so this could save a significant amount of money over a period of a few months. So the real question remains…would I switch?


The answer is yes – I would definitely be willing to switch some of my products for the Superdrug Own equivalent. For example, I really liked the Coconut & Sweet Lime Body Butter (below), the Nourishing Nail Polish Remover Wipes (above) and the Restoring Skin Care Oil. The nail wipes are simply fabulous! One wipe will take off 5-10 fingers worth of nail polish and the formula doesn’t feel drying to the nails. A big win for Superdrug!


The Body Butter was light and smelled good enough to eat and was the perfect scent for summer.


The Restoring Skin Oil reminded me of Bio-Oil, which I use on dry patches of skin and on my neck and chest at night to tackle any sun spots. This one had the same consistency and feel on the skin.


Another product I really liked by Superdrug was the Vitamin E Sugar and Oil Body Scrub and the Refreshing Toner Mist.


The consistency of the scrub was good – and I am usually picky about those sort of things! I love the sugar/oil mixture and felt it really did a great job of exfoliating – which is important when baring those legs!


The Mist I would be happy to keep deskside for refreshing spritzes throughout the day. Air-con really dries my skin out so I think this is a desk essential. As you can see below – it refreshes the skin with a light coating of moisture which will dry quickly and won’t ruin make-up either.


For blemishes and spots I love the Deep Action Pore Cleansing Pads. I use these as soon as I get in from work, to remove the grime from the day. They are great because the pads are also exfoliating and really help to remove make-up and dirt. These would be fantastic for travel as well!


Last but not least are the remaining Superdrug Own products that I would be willing to make the switch for. This Hydrating Vitamin E Mask was great if you are looking for a simple, hydrating mask to leave on overnight. This one says use 2-3 times a week but I often use these kinds of hydrating masks every night, especially during the summer with the air-con on as it dries my skin out.

And the last product I really liked was the Tea Tree Blended Oil for blemishes. For those who like natural skincare, this is a great product to use on spots as it contains 1% pure Tea Tree Essential Oil. Tea Tree is naturally antibacterial so should blast away any bacteria-induced spots!


Superdrug will be encouraging shoppers in stores across the UK to take on the Swap Shop money saving challenge and will also be offering a 100% money back guarantee if customers aren’t completely satisfied with their own brand purchases, as well as providing a 25% discount voucher for their next own brand purchase. Now there’s really nothing to lose by doing that is there? If you are thinking of trying out a new product or doing the switch yourself, now is the time!


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