Bungee Jump Challenge with Team SCA

Have you ever heard of Team SCA? If you haven’t – it’s a team that you should definitely look into! Team SCA is the first all-female team to compete in the world’s toughest ocean race (the Volvo Ocean Race) in 12 years and were the only all-female team in the 2014-2015 competition. Out of 250 applicants to apply for the team, only 15 were chosen to compete. These amazing women competed on an equal level to their male competitors – they raced the same boats over the same oceans 24/7 for weeks at a time!

So when Team SCA gave me a challenge I couldn’t resist. After all, who am I to say ‘I can’t’ when these women risk their lives to compete in this tough race – facing their fears every single day? Challenging yourself is important and facing your fears makes you stronger! It also makes you feel alive when you face your fears and realise you are tougher than you think.

Bungee Jump London

Team SCA is sponsored by SCA, the leading global hygiene and forest product s company behind household brands including TENA, Bodyform, Velvet, Cushelle and Plenty. SCA champions and supports women’s empowerment by giving them access to and education about hygiene products and solutions across the world. To celebrate this, Team SCA has created a blogger challenge based all around women’s empowerment and pushing boundaries.

SCA developed a list of physical and mental challenges, inspired by those faced by Team SCA over the course of the race so far. So what were some of the things on the list? Well, let’s see. There was 300ft bungee jumping, wakeboarding, 4×4 off road rallying, yacht sailing and zip trekking.

Bungee Harness

I chose the bungee jump! Seeing as bungee jumping has always been on my bucket list and despite travelling to places like Asia, New Zealand and South Africa where bungee jumping always presented itself to me, I never had the courage to do it. So when the opportunity fell on my lap, I couldn’t say no! It was almost as though it were meant to be. So where can you bungee jump in London? The only place to do it is at the O2 – where you can jump off of a very high crane!

So I took my courage and headed out to the O2. I thought I was going to be really nervous when I got there but I could only feel excitement. It helped that I could watch a couple of others do it in front of me so I could see what it was all about! So when it was my turn, I got weighed and fitted with the correct harness and the corresponding rope for my weight. Still, I felt calm. The staff commented on how ‘zen’ I was and said I was particularly calm of everyone they had seen jump so far. So far, so good.


Soon it was my turn to get into the ‘cage’. I was fitted with the rope and then sat down inside the cage. The operator asked me question after question as we rose and rose into the sky – his tactic being to distract me from any fear I was having.

Bungee Club UK

As the cage rose higher and higher into the air the nerves finally started to kick in! I looked down at the ground and suddenly thought, ‘Am I crazy?’ Thoughts of backing out entered my mind but I thought, ‘no, it’s too late – you have to face the fear!’.

Crane Bungee

So what happened next? Well, we when we had reached our final destination at the top of the crane, I looked down at the ground. Suddenly it seemed so far away. The operator told me to jump out of the cage as though I were diving gracefully into a pool. This would ensure a smooth fall to the ground. Trust me when I say that when the doors opened and I knew I had to jump I felt really scared! But there was no way except forward so I took a deep breath and took the leap – literally!

Bungee Jumping

I couldn’t believe how fast I fell towards the ground – gravity truly is quite a force. But it all happened so fast that it was hardly seconds before I reached the end of the rope and bounced up into the air.


I bounced a few times until the rope stopped and I simply hung upside down. At this point I was ready to get back to the ground! I was slowly lowered until I reached the ground safely.

Bungee Jump London O2

Bungee Club UK 2


So I faced my fear and did it! The high I felt from the adrenaline rush and the satisfaction I felt from being courageous and making the jump left me feeling great! Thank you to Team SCA for giving me the challenge and helping me to make the jump – I will never forget it! #facethefear


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