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The Balm Launches in the UK!

The Balm is one of those fun brands that you know you want the moment you lay your eyes on it. This brand from San Francisco has just made its way to the UK – launching exclusively at Debenhams. I am sucker for packaging and The Balm has some really cheerful and fun packaging – the products have cheeky names and not only are they good to look at but they are also really great quality too!DSC_0815

I hadn’t heard of The Balm before the launch event but after looking at their website and social media channels in the U.S. I was amazed at how many fans they have. So it’s really me that is out of the loop here! So now I am catching up and happy to say I am joining the many Balm fans out there. One product that I really love is the ‘In the Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Volume 1’. This is a palette that contains all of The Balm’s best-sellers.


It contains Hot Mama Shadow/Blush, Instain Powder Blush, Cabana Boy Shadow/Blush, Bahama Mama Bronzer, How Bout’ Them Apples Lip and Cheek Cream, Eyeshadows in Nude Tude, Balm Jovi, Illuminator in Mary-Lou Manizer and Eyeshadows in Shady Lady.





There are so many colours and shades to choose from. Honestly this palette has something for almost everything – all you would really need is foundation, powder and a mascara! So this would be a fantastic palette to take on a trip because you would really need to pack much else. From nudes to smoky eye – it’s covered just about everything.


I also love the name of the below product – The Manizer Sisters. With the strobing trend all the rage these days this is a fantastic palette to use to create either a contoured look or strobing look.


There are three shades in the palette – one is a more of a highlighter which is the ‘Mary-Lou Manizer’, the next one is more of a blusher (the Cindy-Lou Manizer) and the last one is a bronzer for contouring (the Betty-Lou Manizer).


So whether strobing or contouring this palette is lovely for both.


I really love the ‘Meet Matt(e) Hughes’ Lipsticks. These are slick-looking matte colours – I’ve got one in a drop-dead gorgeous red. It paints the lips beautifully and allows you to rock a red lip that means serious business for hours!




The Balm is available exclusively at Debenhams here.



  1. Ruth
    October 24, 2015 / 3:04 pm

    I’d like to know if the HoMedics Newa can be used on the upper lip

  2. Ruth
    October 24, 2015 / 3:06 pm

    Can the HoMedics Newa be used on the upper lip area

    • rockersjamie
      October 24, 2015 / 7:04 pm

      Hi Ruth, I use it around my lips on my expression lines from the nose to the mouth – you could use this in a C shape rotation which will stimulate the skin above the lip. However, I don’t think this is meant to be used on the actual lips. If you are interested in plumping your lips naturally I would look into a plumping lip gloss or an intensive lip treatment like SkinCeuticals AOX Lip complex and use things like lip liners and lip glosses to trick the eye into seeing a fuller lip!

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