The Body Shop Launches Oils of Life

There are oils and then there are oils. The latter I am talking about are the new Oils of Life range from The Body Shop. These days The Body Shop is coming out with some seriously luxe stuff including their Spa of the World range which I have covered previously here and again with the new Oils of Life range which are lovely and luxurious indeed!DSC_0782

Okay so here’s the thing I am really in love with. It’s this Twin Ball Revitalising Facial Massager. I am a HUGE fan of facial massage. I’ve got facial massage tools from Japan, I’ve got the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Facialift Massage Roller and now I have this Twin Ball Massager from The Body Shop. Each facial tool of mine does a different thing and what I like about The Body Shop one (which I have been using every night by the way) is that it is small (good for travel), it works all-over your face and allows you to control the pressure and also the twin balls on the massager feel so nice and cool on the skin. It’s an amazing little tool and after a hard, stressful day there is nothing that feels better than rolling this along the jawline, which tends to tense up during the day. Just writing this now makes me want to go grab it and massage…


So you can use this nifty little tool with your Oils of Life routine which I think is fantastic.


So let me introduce you to the Oils of Life range. First of all these oils are all ethically sourced plant oils which have been hand picked! Being hand picked means that the picker is able to pick the best ones and leave the rubbish ones behind (something a machine isn’t smart enough to do) so every oil that has gone into these oils is the best of the best. Also the oils are cold-pressed meaning they haven’t been exposed to heat or lost any of their essential properties. So what kind of oils are in this range?


Well, the Intensely Revitalising Oils of Life Collection contains 3 precious seed oils: black cumin seed oil, camellia seed oil and rosehip seed oil. The Black Cumin Seed Oil is known for its high level of antioxidants and is from the Egyptian Nile Valley. The Rosehip Seed Oil is rich in Omega 3 and 6 and is from the Andes foothills of Chile. Last but not least, the Camellia Seed Oil is naturall rich in Oleic Acid and comes from the evergreen trees of China.


So what do you use first in this range and how do you use it? The first step for this range (after cleansing) is to use the Intensively Revitalising Essence Lotion. This is basically a toner that preps your skin for the next step. Best to shake it before applying as it’s a bi-phase oil, meaning it is oil + water. This feels lovely on the skin and doesn’t feel greasy at all so it absorbs quickly – very much like a splash of water. And it smells amazing too.


The next step is to apply the Facial Oil. This is 99% natural which is really something to shout about as this is incredibly difficult to achieve. This oil feels lovely on the face and unlike some oils it doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy so you can use this during the day – hooray! This oil will help to replenish skin and make it feel firmer and more elastic over time. Also gives a nice glow!



Next up is the day cream. This is great because it’s really like with its gel formula so it’s good for those who don’t like heavier creams. It contains all three oils and also has illuminating micro-pearls for rich hydration with a fresh, non-sticky sensation. Feels fresh and absorbs nicely and again smells amazing!


No range would be complete without a night cream and The Body Shop one doesn’t disappoint. The cream doesn’t feel greasy at all – no pillow stains! My skin felt soft and pretty the next day after I used it. The entire range is incredibly affordable – each item ranges from £15 to £30.


For more info on the NEW Oils of Life range see here.



  1. Francine
    November 12, 2015 / 9:13 pm

    Is this massager only available in the UK, I’m not seeing it in the local Body Shop stores in New York City.

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