Get the Look: Fall

For me the season of fall is about letting my hair down and dressing in darker colours – preferably cosy knit sweaters and black leather-look leggings or skirts. I tend to stick with monochrome in the fall/winter just because I feel kind of strange in the London winter to be wearing bright colours. But I think I need to challenge myself a little bit more this year! Anyways, I’m sticking to monochrome for this look to fit in with the colour change for fall. Jamie Rockers

This top is from ASOS and the material is thick so it actually looks warmer than it really is. It has a zip in the back and is perfect for either work or going out. I’ve stuck to monochrome here and paired it with a leather-look skirt from New Look (which goes with everything!).

Asos Top

For my hair I tend to just spritz it with Unite 7 Seconds Leave-In Conditioner and scrunch it up on no-wash days to refresh the waves. I also like to tie it up in a top knot at night, spritz it with leave-in conditioner and then unfurl the waves the next day. It allows me to pretty much just let it go just the way it is!


For make-up I’ve kept it simple and used Dr. Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation Serum – it has SPF 30 in it and it’s brilliant!

Beauty Rocks

What’s your favourite fall look?

Photos By: Melissa Nicole Martinez | Instagram | Website


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