New Year, New You – New Year’s Resolutions

Hi all and happy holidays! It’s a bit early to start talking about New Year’s resolutions but hey, why not? I’ve let exercising really slip off the radar recently and with the overeating from the holidays and over-drinking as well it’s time to get on track. I won’t say back on track because it’s something that I’ve let go for awhile now…oops.IMG_0197

I’m really busy with work so probably the best thing to do would be to squeeze in a run on the weekends. So one of my new year’s resolutions is to run on Saturdays and Sundays.

Another easy switch I can make is walking to work. I used to do that until I got lazy and just decided to take the bus. But walking is so much better for you so if I can add that back into my life it would be really great (and save me on bus fare).

To get to the point where I feel good about myself, I want to look good first. I LOVE this sports bra and leggings from USA Pro from Sports Direct – honestly they are the perfect fit and are so comfortably but also cool enough to wear outside (yes I do go to the grocery store sans make-up and with workout wear on). I just find them to be the most comfortable items to hang around the house in. The sports bra fits really well without being too tight and has great control if you are running. The leggings also are tight enough to feel like you are not going to be bouncing down the street!


Also when you live in London you don’t want to be carrying a lot of things around all the time but if you do, it’s better to have something easy to carry them in. I am loving this backpack from Descente which just launched in the UK from Japan (with their first UK flagship store in Carnaby Street). This backpack is full of nooks and crannies and pockets where you can store stuff. The functional design on it is simply amazing – this is a backpack for true organisers! Every detail on it has a purpose – it even turns into a briefcase!


When it’s cold you need something to cover your head. I picked up this bobble beanie from River Island a long time ago but you never know – they may still have them in stock!



And last but not least you need some kicks. I love these Nike running shoes – they are lightweight, colourful and again, look good. Again, Sports Direct has some really good running shoes that are reasonably priced as well!


What are your new year’s resolutions? I am trying to get some inspiration!

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