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For years and years I wanted long flowing locks but I just couldn’t grow my hair out long enough. For me, it wasn’t long enough or thick enough to really rock the length. I then decided to get salon hair extensions and it was a disaster – my hair fell out and I had to get them professionally removed and chop off all my hair in the process. So from then on I decided if I was going to go for extensions, I wanted them to be clip-in only and real human hair. That way I could have the freedom to take them out when I wanted and also to use them in ways that I wanted – for example to beef up an up-do or to use in a braid to make it thicker. Or a festival goddess look! There are so many ways to use hair extensions.


So I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on the Irresistible Me Hair Extensions, an American brand (with free international shipping over $150 spend and free exchanges/returns) based in New York that specialises in 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools. I ordered the 24-inch extensions because my hair is already pretty long so by ordering the maximum length I knew that I was really ensuring that I was going to get a different look with the extensions.

Also if you find that the hair you ordered is too long for you then you can always have it cut at a salon the next time you get your hair cut. It’s better to order a longer style than one that is too short for your liking to be safe. It’s really easy on the website to pick out the style that is right for your hair. I chose wavy as an option as my hair is naturally wavy.

Below you can see that I’ve styled these hair extensions in a braid. My real hair would never produce such a long thick braid so it’s nice to have some assistance! Also I was really happy that the colour of the extensions matched my real hair exactly. The quality of these hair extensions is truly amazing – I am really impressed with them!

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

This is what my hair looked like before the extensions (below) and you can see that my hair is naturally wavy and is a wheaten blonde colour.

Before picture of Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Now you can see what my hair looked like after I put in the Irresistible Me Hair Extensions – honestly they match my hair colour so well! Before I put them in, I simply washed them and then scrunched them a little to make similar waves like my own but otherwise the extensions have not been styled in any way – it is a totally natural look. This is great for me because I like things to be no fuss. These hair extensions clip into your hair as well so you can put as many pieces in as you want to create your own style.

Hair Extensions_Jamie Rockers

You can see that they really thickened up the ends of my hair and of course the length is longer. The real difference I noticed was the thickness of course. Because while I already have long hair I don’t have thick hair so this is really the best point of the extensions, in my opinion!


Irresistible Me also has a 40% off deal right now so head to their website to check it out!

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