New Year’s Resolutions: Getting Fit with Slendertone

Sometimes we all need motivation to work out – I know I do! This year I want to push myself to get on the fitness track – not to lose weight, but to get more toned and to feel better/be healthier. I don’t mind going on a run but I don’t like going to the gym unless I can easily get there. I am really precious about my time and don’t like to spend a lot of time on working out – a quick run here and there is good for me. Recently I discovered Slendertone and a device that they have recently launched called Connect Abs which makes toning your abs a bit easier. As it is a time saver I was instantly interested!

Basically this is a system that contracts your abdominal muscles for you and allows you to wear it under your clothes or around the house, essentially working out your abs for you while you do other things! And since I am super precious about time and really like to multi-task, I discovered this device is really useful. It’s also very easy to use and doesn’t take a genius to figure out.




You can use the Slendertone Connect Abs belt with your iPhone through the Slendertone app which allows you to control the belt and consequently, your workout through the phone. The app drives everything – it tracks your progress and motivates you with programmes tailored to your goal. Think of it as a mini coach on your phone!


The best thing about Slendertone is that using the belt for just 30 minutes is equivalent to doing 202 sit-ups! I am not advocating that you use this belt on its own as your sole workout but it’s fantastic to use as a supplement to what you are already doing. For example, if I go on a run 4 times a week but I’m not doing any ab work, then this belt is perfect for toning my abs while I am doing housework, reading, whatever. You can even use this at work while you are sitting at your desk (if you can get away with it)!


The belt is controlled through the app and you can control the belt through your smartphone via Bluetooth. Again, this is really easy to set up.

The Slendertone Connect app has 5 unique 6 week programmes for different needs: increasing your physical performances, getting back into shape after pregnancy, staying in shape, toning muscles, etc. You pick your goal and set the workout pace.



I will be using this around the house while I do other things! Toned abs, here I come…

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