Superdry Beauty Now at Boots!

If you are like me and have ever shopped at Superdry you might have wondered what happened to the Superdry beauty range that they previously used to stock. Well, it’s now moved to Boots! If you have ever tried any of the range you will actually find a lot of bright, highly pigmented products and functionally designed packaging. I’ve scoured Boots and the Lip & Tip sets that I am including in this post are all currently 50% off in the winter sale (marked down to £5.00 instead of £10.00). Not a bad deal if I say so myself.


I’ve got the Superdry Beauty Professional Prep & Paint set as well which comes in a handy travel pouch. This set comes with a Buff & Shine Block and a Nail Paint in Fluro Coral.


The coral colour is really pretty and would be perfect for spring which is right around the corner. Or if you need a burst of bright colour for a dull day this would be great. I always find my nails get really dry in the winter so it’s nice that the Buff & Shine Block is included as well to get rid of any flaky nail bits or dryness.


Next up are the Superdry Beauty Lip & Tip Sets which come with one Nail Paint and one Lip Glaze. The Lip Glaze reminds me a lot of a Stila Lip Pen for a fraction of the price. Because of the click and twist pen application, it makes it very easy to apply gloss in a controlled way so it doesn’t end up smeared all over your lips (because I’ve been there)!

Superdry Beauty Lip & Tip Set

The sets come in two different varieties: The Lip and Tip Rock Rebel (below) with the Paradise Pink Lip Glaze and the Eclipse Nail Paint (a metallic navy blue). Or the Studio Muse Professional (above) with the Lip Glaze in a paler pink and the Nail Paint in a beige metallic.

Superdry Beauty Sets at Boots

The standout product from these sets would have to be the Lip Glaze because they remind me so much of Stila but for a much lower price point. They are really moisturising and have a nice amount of colour to just add a faint hint to your lips so this is great to carry around in your handbag or apply over a deeper shade of matte lipstick to turn it into a glossy lipstick.


Boots is having some amazing deals in their winter sale – be sure to check it out here!

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