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Erborian: The Korean Secret to Baby Soft Skin

If you haven’t tried Erborian yet, you really must. It is quickly becoming one of my favourite skincare brands out there with a focus on Korean ingredients. The brand is inspired by Korean beauty and uses ingredients derived from Korean herbs. These herbs that they use have been used in ancient Korean traditions for centuries and have proven to be both effective while being gentle at the same time.

Erborian - ProductsErborian - Products: Pink Perfect Creme & 0.09 Touch GinsengErborian - Products: Pink Perfect Creme, BB Creme Nude

I also love Erborian’s make-up range and first discovered it through their BB Creme which I found blended amazingly despite having SPF 20 in it. Sometimes when brands add SPF to their make-up products they can ball up and the formula won’t blend very easily. I LOVE that Erborian has added SPF in their BB Creme so that’s just one less thing I have to worry about applying to my face (as an additional step to my already long skincare routine)! The BB Creme Nude (below) also contains added skincare benefits and I always say that if make-up is going to be on your face for hours and hours, it should do more than just cover up spots! That is, it should have some skincare benefits. This one in fact does. The BB Creme Nude contains traditional herbs which help to moisturise and plump the skin.

Erborian - Products: 0.09 Touch Au Ginseng & BB Creme Nude

Another part of Erborian’s make-up range is the Pink Perfect Creme. This is a primer that helps blur imperfections, minimise the appearance of pores and smooth out the skin. The great thing about all of the Erborian make-up products is that they are meant to be used together so the formulas work together. Because in my experience, sometimes when you mix different brands in regards to primers, foundations and powders they don’t mix together well and can leave a blotches on the skin, which is the opposite look you want to go for!

Erborian - Products: Pink Perfect Creme, CC Creme & 0.09 Touch  Au Ginseng

Erborian - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 1

What I’ve been using religiously recently is the Erborian CC Creme which is a High Definition Radiance Face Cream with SPF 25. I have been using this one on its own but you can use it as part of a three-step programme starting with Erborian Pink Perfect Creme, then the Erborian CC Creme and finishing with the Erborian BB Creme. However I have been using this one by itself because it like the way that upon application, it adapts to your skin tone. The pigment is white to begin, with encapsulated pigments that you blend in, resulting in those pigments adapting to your skin colour. It’s brilliant! Also, this contains Centalla Asiatica, which boosts radiance, protects and hydrates, whilst also helping to unify and camouflage dehydration fine lines and refine the appearance of skin’s texture. It’s a real winner.

Erborian - Products: CC Creme & BB Creme Nude

Erborian - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 2

Erborian - Photo Tutorial by Jamie 3

Last but certainly not least is Erborian’s latest product that has just launched, the 0.09 Touch Au Ginseng. This is a creamy powder that works as a skin perfecter. Again, this contains SPF 20 in it. Upon touching the formula it almost bounces back at you. This is a multi-tasking product – a hybrid powder that also acts as a base or if you really want extra coverage, you can use it after you apply your BB Creme. This is brilliant to keep in your bag for touch-ups during the day. Like all Erborian products it features Ginseng. This product literally melts onto the skin and blends like a dream. Recommended for all the right reasons!

Erborian - Products: 0.09 Touch Au Ginseng

Erborian - Products: 0.09 Touch Au Ginseng

Erborian - Products: 0.09 Touch Au Ginseng

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    • rockersjamie
      May 24, 2016 / 8:32 am

      This brand is really lovely – their BB Creme and CC Creme are really good!

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