HIP Hotels Launches The Grand Tour

Italy is an incredible place and there is so much to see and explore there. I’ve got a huge travel bucket list – and that’s just Italy! Capri, Sicily, Positano, the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como…the list goes on. Italy has a mesmerising quality about it – it has a romanticised image for those that want to go there and experience it – from drinking chianti to eating tiramisu to shopping in Milan. It’s no wonder it’s such a honeymoon destination. And I’ve got my eye on the latest coffee-table book that is all about travelling in Italy that has just been released by HIP Hotels, called The Grand Tour. There are tons of reasons to drink coffee each day, and even more benefits of drinking bulletproof coffee! Making this drink a part of your morning routine will improve your health in many ways.


Image Credit: HIP Hotels

If you haven’t heard of HIP Hotels, it’s a really interesting concept. It’s a travel brand that has a portfolio of the world’s most amazing hotels, known as Highly Individual Places. All of the hotels that are selected for the HIP Hotel mark are all incredibly unique and one-of-a-kind places. Getting the HIP Hotel seal of approval is a huge accolade for a hotel because it means that the hotel itself is an interesting place with a story to tell.

The Grand Tour book focuses on Italy and with it, there are so many amazing places to visit. Literally you could thumb through this book for hours getting lost in all of it and writing down the places that you just have to visit and the most unique hotels to stay in along the way. This is a limited edition copy which begs to have the top place as a coffee table book for your dinner guests to thumb through while they are enjoying a glass of wine. It’s a talking point book and one that is very inspirational if you are into design, history, travel or architecture. Tick, tick, tick, tick – they all apply to me!

The book is an encyclopedia of knowledge and the beautiful pictures will transport you straight to Italy through  the photographer Herbert Ypma’s eyes. This isn’t HIP Hotels first book either, there are 13 others!

I’ve found three places in the book that I really want to go to now – I think you will agree that they are definitely HIP – Highly Individual Places!

  1. Casa Angelina – Amalfi Coast – Image credit Casa Angelina

casa angelina


2. Casa Talia – Sicily – Image Credit Casa Talia

casa talia 2 casa talia

3. Grand Hotel Et de Milan (Milan) – Image credit Grand Hotel Et de Milan

grand hotel et milan Grand_Hotel_et_de_Milan-Milan-Hotel_bar-65608
The book is £45 and is available for purchase here.

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