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Festival Cocktail Essentials

You can’t head to a festival without having a drink. Or maybe that’s just me. These days however, even if you are going to a festival for the day you may meet with your mates to have a pre-festival party which involves drinks at someone’s London flat before you head to one of the daytime festivals such as Lovebox or Wireless. If you do something like that you will 1) Save money (festival drinks are expensive!) 2) Entice your friends over to your flat (then you don’t have to go anywhere) 3) Have fun before the festival even starts to get in good spirits! A great cocktail mixer brand that I have found is Funkin – they have some amazing festival cocktail essentials! The reason I like it is because I’m a little bit lazy and with these mixers you literally just have to add vodka, rum or gin and voila…delicious cocktail appears!


Pick your base (vodka, gin, rum, etc.) and then good luck choosing a Funkin cocktail mixer because there are so many options! Basically by using mixers, all the hard thinking is taken out of the equation and you are left with just a delicious cocktail that will impress your friends! Life is complicated enough – just trust me and make it easier on yourself with these.

All of the mixers, purees and syrups from Funkin are 100% natural as well so it’s nice to know you are getting a quality mixer made with natural and fresh ingredients. The fruit in the mixers comes from all over the world; Persian limes from Mexico and Passion fruit from Ecuador and Mangoes from India. Everything about these mixers tastes really fresh.

So now let’s talk about my personal favourite mixers. My favourite at the moment has to be the Funkin Hollywood Berry Cocktail Mixer. This mixer tastes really fresh and lick-your-lips delicious! This is a really unique and impressive blend that is made with a combination of acai berries blended with sweet raspberries and tart and tangy blueberries, best served with gin or vodka. This will definitely impress your friends! You can also make non-alcoholic drinks with these mixers by simply adding them to sparkling water.

P1012424   P1012427

Next up is the Elderflower Collins Mixer. I’ve got a real thing for Elderflower at the moment. There is something about its sweet/sour taste that I just can’t get enough of! With this one I actually made it into a non-alcoholic drink and just added sparkling water. It’s really refreshing and delicious for summer. The Funkin Elderflower Collins Mixer is made with the finest Sicilian Lemons and British Elderflower and best served with gin.

P1012431  P1012433

And my third top pick has to be a Strawberry Daiquiri! These are always a crowd pleaser so you can never go wrong with them at a party. They are fun and fancy at the same time and as I am a big fan of rum, these are right down my alley. The Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri Mixer tastes like pure strawberry juice probably because it is! The Daiquiri originated in Cuba over 100 years ago and it hasn’t decreased in popularity since.The Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri mixer is a classic cocktail mixer combining Polish and Spanish strawberries and zesty Mexican lime. Just add rum to it and you suddenly have a fresh and delicious cocktail (that seems much more difficult to make than it actually is)!


So for the time-poor who want to throw a party, Funkin has so many mixer options to choose from – including Mojito, Sour Mix and Pina Colada – that are sure to make delicious cocktails that will definitely please your crowd!


I used to be a huge fan of the Amaretto Sour and still am. I am so pleased that I have a nice mixer that I can add to my Amaretto now. This is the kind of drink you want to sip and savour slowly…


And if you like pina coladas (getting caught in the rain, etc.) you will LOVE this mixer and it’s perfect for summer days! It’s great for tropical-themed parties too:) The Funkin Pina Colada Cocktail Mixer combines Caribbean coconuts with golden and Cayenne pineapples- it’s like a dessert in a cup!


For more on Funkin see here.

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