The Best Summer Beauty Picks

I love beauty and am a real beauty junkie deep down in my soul. With the summer season upon us my biggest concern is hyper-pigmentation and sun spots. As I am getting older (I’m not that old!) my skin seems a bit more uneven and not as bright as it used to be. I also change up my skincare routine when the seasons change and am now looking for make-up that does just as much for me as my skincare. And we can’t forget about teeth either (those age too)! These topics – skincare, make-up and teeth – all might seem randomly placed together but for each topic I have honestly chosen my best summer beauty picks!

P5302323So with that let’s start with skincare. I am loving Hungarian spa brand Omorovicza these days and especially their Ultramoor Mud Mask. It’s no secret that Budapest, the Hungarian capital, is full of thermal spas with ‘healing waters.’ One of these spas is owned by the Omorovicza family and with the help of a Nobel prize-winning laboratory they have harnessed the healing powers of those waters into the Omorovicza skincare range.


Now as my skincare focus this summer is to brighten my skin, I have had a lot of success with the Ultramoor Mud Mask. The mud is extracted from Heviz region, where the largest thermal lake in Europe is located and is renowned for its curative properties. I am a true believer in the power of the spa and I really love this mask. It contains calcium and magnesium which strengthen the skin (like they do to the bones) and humic and fulvic acids detoxify and cleanse. What this does is actually brighten the skin so this is a great tool in my skin-brightening kit! Also it’s kind of fun to smear this mud all over your face – the colour of it is amazing. It instantly brightens which is also instant gratification if you are looking for immediate results.





Another great product for summer is the Omorovicza Omoressence – this is a toner that should be applied right after cleansing. It’s great for warmer temperatures as well because it helps to restore skin’s balance and boosts its ability to retain moisture throughout the day. The reason why it’s so good for summer as well is that one of its ingredients, rhamnose polysaccharide, prevents harmful bacteria from accumulating on the skin’s surface and reduces inflammation, as well as preventing environmental stress caused by pollution and UV. So in the summer when there is more sun and more UV rays this is a really great product to have. Think of this as extra protection for your skin during the summer.


Another great skincare brand that I love is Perricone MD. The great thing about Perricone MD is that they not only make fabulous skincare products but also have a range of skincare make-up. This is essentially make-up that acts as skincare and as they like to call it, ‘no make-up make-up.’ What this means is that you can be certain that your make-up is working hard, just like your skincare. Because why should you pay a lot of money on an expensive skincare ritual if you are going to put make-up that isn’t good for your skin on your face? Makes sense to me!


With warmer weather there is also a chance of the make-up meltdown problem which makes cleansing a bit harder. The Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment is a non-rinse formula that deeply cleanses makeup and dead skin cells off your face. It’s a multi-tasking product – it exfoliates, conditions and smooths leaving skin a more radiant than before you used the product. It has blue plasma technology which traps skin pollutants and unclogs pores. It also helps your other active products sink deeper into skin. This is great to use if you just want to get the make-up off your face the moment you get home from work like myself and also a great product to use if you go straight from work to the gym and need to remove your make-up first!

P5302339 P5302340

Another product that you will need for summer? A fabulous face cream with some serious SPF protection. I am loving Perricone MD Photo Plasma with Broad Spectrum SPF 30. This is a great summer skincare pick because it is OIL-FREE! It’s not greasy at all as some SPF creams can be so this is a one-of-a-kind skincare hero. It’s really lovely on the skin as well, it is so lightweight it just glides on the skin and feels like a feather. Exactly what you need on your skin in the summer.


Everyone wants brighter and glowier skin in the summer (which also makes it look brighter) and for this I love the Perricone MD No Highligher Highlighter. Again, the no-makeup make-up line at Perricone MD is brilliant. It’s amazing and you don’t have to feel bad about wearing it! The highlighter is actually a serum (that’s also a highlighter) and contains Vitamin C which in turn helps to minimise UV-induced discolouration. So therefore, perfect for summer and perfect for me in my quest for brighter skin!


The highlighter looks really natural on the skin and blends well as well. Apply it to upper cheeks or brow area for extra glow.


In the summer we often forget that we need SPF for our lips. The Perricone MD No Lipgloss Lipgloss is brilliant and it actually feels like no lipgloss I’ve ever used. It’s slippery and smooth and feels like a protective glove on your lips. This is a lipgloss but it’s also a anti-ageing serum for your lips that contains neuropeptides and moisturising tocotrienols which help plump and smooth. The shade also adapts to individual skin chemistry, mimicking the natural colour of the vermilion zone (the area inside the lips) to create supple, even-looking lips. It’s the BEST lipgloss you will ever own!

P5302347  P5302349

In my quest for brighter skin (so I can wear less make-up for the summer) I have been quite impressed with Medik8 White Balance Ultra Brightening Serum. I started noticing a brightening of the skin a few days after I started using this so I am really excited to see the results after I have finished both bottles. This is professional strength serum that contains Oxyresveratrol (Oxy-R). I have hyper-pigmentation that started appearing in my 30s from who knows what but in a bid to reduce it and prevent any more from occurring I am going heavy with the brightening serums at the moment. This one is good. It helps with uneven skin tone, pigmentation such as acne scars, brown spots, etc. As with any product it takes time to see the results – with these I can say I am honestly already starting to see the difference!


Recently I’ve been concerned about my teeth ageing. Regenerate is an enamel rebuilding toothpaste and I’ve got the toothpaste and the boosting serum. Serum for your teeth? Yes, indeed! Our enamel erodes with age and with daily acid attacks from food so it’s really important to keep enamel intact. The serum you use for three nights in a row – once a month. This boosts the effectiveness of the Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste by 43 percent!

Regenerate uses NR-5 technology which helps to rebuild tooth enamel and helps protect teeth against further erosion. The Boosting Serum Kit comes with one NR-5 Serum tube and one Activator Gel, plus two custom-fit mouthtrays (which can be molded to fit your teeth).

I used the Boosting Serum kit as recommended for three nights in a row for the monthly treatment. You simply have to apply the serum with the activator gel into the mouth tray and leave it inside your mouth for five minutes – once for the top teeth and once for the bottom teeth. After doing this for three nights in a row I can honestly say my teeth felt a lot stronger!

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What are your favourite summer beauty products?

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