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Home ยป Watchaholic: Styling It Up With House of Florrie

Watchaholic: Styling It Up With House of Florrie

I love watches. I really think you cannot have just one, you need several so that you can choose the best one to compliment your outfit. My favourite one recently is my House of Florrie watch. Why? Because it is simple and classy and goes with a wide range of outfits. I’ve paired it here with a silk scarf from KK Labs and my high-waisted 70s style jeans from Lindex.


I’ve never had a watch with a simple white strap and that’s one of the key points that I love about this Pearl Cream Slim Strap watch. House of Florrie watches are inspired by vintage markets and true British craftmanship. They are quirky and fun but beautiful and unique. They tell the time yes, but also are a statement piece too. A lot of thought has gone into the designs which I love and also I love to support a British brand.

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What’s unique about this House of Florrie watch is the thin leather strap. I really like this style because it makes the watch feel more like jewellery in the way that it’s dainty and cute. I’ve paired this watch with my Astrid & Miyu bracelet chain because the gold of the bracelet compliments the gold of the watch.

I can also guarantee that with this watch that not everyone will have the same watch as me. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this watch and asked where it is from as it has a really boutique feel to it. It’s unique and I like to know that not every single person on the street has this watch – it’s special and unique!


The Pearl watch is elegant and very feminine as well. It also has a Mother of Pearl sub second dial and has a beautiful gold and cream colour combination.


Shop the Pearl House of Florrie watch here.

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