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Okay guys listen up! Primark have launched their brand new Primark PS Pro range and everything in it is a fiver or under – seriously! This is meant to be a more high performance range than their PS range (think along the same lines as what Make-Up Revolution did with their Freedom range). So if you are looking for high performance cosmetics on the cheap, here you go. Let me take you through the collection…

New Primark PS Pro Make-up Launches

New Primark PS Pro Make-up Launches - All Products

First up are primers. There are three to choose from which is quite good so one for every skin type. There’s a Mattifying Primer for oily skin, an Illuminating Primer for drier skin and a Miracle Primer for skin prone to fine lines. So really what you go for depends on what you are looking for. For me, it’s all about illumination and masking fine lines so I prefer the Illuminating Primer and Miracle Primer the best.

Primark PS Pro - Products: Mattifying Primer, Illuminating Primer & Miracle Primer

I always forget to use a lip scrub and really exfoliate my lips but once you start you really can’t stop! This PS Pro Lip Scrub is quite good actually and really makes your lips smooth and prepped for your favourite lipstick.

Primark PS Pro - Products: Lip Scrub

There are quite a few products for the eye area. My favourite one and the one I found the most interesting was the PS Pro Eyeliner Corrector Pen. This literally is an eraser for any mistakes that you make with your eye liner. I am always goofing up my cat-eye flick so this is a brilliant little wand that will let you correct any flaws.

I really love the PS Pro Longwear CC Concealer. The green colour corrects any redness and should be applied before foundation. The trick here is to really blend it in – it works well over areas of hyperpigmentation and spots as well.

Below that is the PS Pro Universal Lipliner Pencil. This is a clear pencil so good for no make-up make-up days if you know what I mean. If you are looking to subtly define the lips but don’t want to wear regular lipliner than this is a good little product.

Underneath the PS Pro Universal Lip Liner is the PS Pro Miracle Pencil. I really like this product because you can literally use this for so many things. You can use inside the rim of your eyes to make them appear brighter (good for red, tired eye days) and also to contour lips (think Kylie Jenner nude lips) and you can even use this as concealer too.

Primark PS Pro - Products: Eyeliner Correction Pen, Longwear CC Concealer Corrects Redness, Universal Liplined Pencil & Miracle PencilPrimark PS Pro - Products: Universal Lipliner Pencil, Miracle PencilPrimark PS Pro - Products: Eyeliner Corrector PenPrimark PS Pro - Products: Longwear CC Concealer Corrects Redness

There is also the PS Pro CC Concealer Palette below. This is really cool because it’s only a fiver and this could actually cost a whole lot more! You can use the green to combat redness, the yellow for dark circles under the eyes and the other colours for contouring and concealing.

Primark PS Pro - Products: HD Brows Longwear Eyebrow Pen

The PS Pro HD Brows Longwear Eyebrow Pen is actually really cool. This is a pen for your eyebrows and makes drawing on those ‘fake hairs’ a lot easier. This is the first time I’ve used a pen as opposed to a pencil so it is one of those things you simply have to get used to!

Primark PS Pro - Products: HD Brows Longwear Eyebrow Pen

The PS Pro Longwear Lip Liner Pen is also really interesting and I really liked this product. I applied this as a base underneath my lipstick for really long-lasting wear. You can draw really sharp lines with this as well so if you want a very sharply-defined mouth then this is the one for you. Again it’s harder to get used to if you are used to a pencil but it’s definitely worth a try!

Primark PS Pro - Products: Longwear Lip Liner Pen

I’ve swatched below the CC Concealer, the PS Pro Ultra Shine Lipgloss (mentioned further down), the HD Brows Eyebrow Pen and the Longwear Lip Liner Pen.

Primark PS Pro - Products: Photo Tutorial By Jamie 1

Next up is foundations! The foundations actually look really nice – the packaging is quite luxe for the price point so that was nice. The great thing about them is that they contain SPF 15 and contain minerals as well. There are a suprising number of shades as well to suit a range of skin tones.

Primark PS Pro - Products: Longwear Mineralized Foundation

Okay so my favourite products of the whole collection have to be these PS Pro Brushes. Seriously they are really good and so inexpensive for what they are! Literally you could spend about £50 on a similar set elsewhere so these are really very good. I have three of them in various sizes. The angle of these brushes make it really easy to get into hard to reach areas such as the inner corner of the eyes, under the eyes, around the nose, in-between the eyebrows, etc. I really like using the small one to blend my concealer underneath my eyes.

Primark PS Pro - Products: Brushes Primark PS Pro - Products: Brushes Primark PS Pro - Products: Brushes Primark PS Pro - Products: Brushes

The bristles are also really soft. I’m really impressed by these brushes and will definitely be using them in my day to day routine!

Primark PS Pro - Products: Brushes Primark PS Pro - Products: Brushes

Now let’s talk about the lip products. The PS Pro Lip Primer (below) is more like a Chapstick formula – that is it is a kind of waxy formula that goes on prior to applying your lipstick. It fills in lines and makes lips look smoother.

Primark PS Pro - Products: Lip Primer

As you may or may not know from previous posts I am a lipgloss addict. These PS Pro Ultra Shine Lipgloss products are quite good – they do give ultra shine to the lips and I find they are best layered over an existing lipstick for double oomph!

Primark PS Pro - Products: Ultra Shine Lipgloss

As in any new make-up range you have to have lipsticks. The PS Pro Rich Colour Lipstick is available in a wide range of colours. Now I am really picky about lipsticks but again these are fine if you use them as a base (lip primer first) and then add the Ultra Shine Lipgloss on the top for a perfect pout.

Primark PS Pro - Products: Rich Colour LipstickPrimark PS Pro - Products: Rich Colour LipstickPrimark PS Pro - Products: Rich Colour Lipstick

To discover more about Primark make-up see here.

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  1. emily
    October 27, 2016 / 5:28 pm

    hello,thank you for the review!i really want to jump in primark to get some makeup after reading your review,I’m really interested at the foundation,i see you have bought 3 colours so i was wondering is rich beige a yellow based foundation?thanks!

    • Shannon
      August 27, 2017 / 5:11 pm

      Thanks for the review. I am loving the range right now but seems to have decreased from the stores. Strange request but do you by any chance still have the mattifying primer?

      • rockersjamie
        August 30, 2017 / 7:23 pm

        Hello and thanks for your comment. Sadly no I don’t have this anymore. I haven’t checked the stores lately but I hope that they bring it back!

        • Siobhán
          May 27, 2019 / 12:26 am

          Hi , do you by any chance have the red ps pro matte lipstick, my friend stole mine and you can no longer get them anymore

          • rockersjamie
            June 2, 2019 / 4:38 pm

            Hi lovely – oh what a shame, I’m sorry you are missing it! No unfortunately I don’t have this anymore but I think they have got some new launches in since I’ve written this post so definitely worth checking back!

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