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NEW Benefit Brow Collection Launches!

Benefit sure knows how to wow when it comes to the brow. Literally the new Benefit brow collection ticks every brow box you could ever wish for. I was lucky enough to get four products from their collection to test out – from Goof Proof to Ka Brow! Let’s take a closer look…


For every brow dilemna, Benefit have somehow come up with a solution with this new collection. Eyebrows are THE thing at the moment and groomed brows have never had more press than now. A groomed brow can change your entire look actually. I am a big fan of a very groomed eyebrow but my problem is that I have very sparse brows. I was never sadly blessed with the thick Brooke Shields eyebrows of the 80s. So I definitely need brow products to thicken the look of my brows.


The first Benefit brow product on the cards (no pun intended) is the Gimme Brow. Gimme Brow is right up my alley because it is meant for thin, skimpy brows like my own. Gimme Brow is a volumising fiber gel that you sweep onto eyebrows to give them some oomph. Two great things about this product. The first is that this is a tinted gel that contains tiny microfibers that stick to skin and existing hairs to create a fuller-looking brow. Second is that the wand is the perfect size to do this. I’ve tried countless brow products and I really LOVE the wand on this one because it is the perfect size to groom your brows into place and not make a mess.


Next up is Browvo! Conditioning Primer. This is also a brilliant product for sparse brows (like my own). This is a conditioning primer that you apply to bare brows before any product. It primes and preps for other brow products and smooths out the brows. Not only that it extends the wear of other brow products and also contains keratin & soy proteins known to help brows look thicker and fuller. My brows definitely need this and I really like that they smoothed out the brow hairs before I even applied the product.


Okay now we move onto actually defining the brows. The Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil is a brilliant little eyebrow pencil that kind of acts like ‘They’re Real Push Up Liner’ in the way that there is an angled tip that allows you to be really precise when defining your brows. I found once I warmed up the formula this glided on quite nicely and defined the brows well without making any mistakes. It is literally goof proof – anyone can have brows with this product! It’s also waterproof and that means something in the UK!


One end of the Goof Proof pencil also has a spoolie on it so you can smooth and groom brows into the right place or push them up to give your whole eye area a lift. Once you’ve had a spoolie you can never go back.


There is also the Benefit Ka Brow! which is a cream gel (Anastasia Beverly Hills lovers listen up) that comes with a brush to really, really define the brows. The colour is buildable so you can go as natural or as glamorous as you wish. Trust me, the gel stays put as well and is waterproof. The brush is actually built into the product (genius) and converts to a full-sized brush for application.


This is the summer of the brow after all!

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    • rockersjamie
      July 16, 2016 / 9:50 pm

      Yes I think so – all of the products have really great applicators that make them pretty easy to use and so even brow beginners can use!

  1. July 12, 2016 / 8:55 am

    Hearing allot of positive things about the benefits brow collection need to check it out for my self to. Lovely post! :)! Feel free to check out my blog http://www.sarahjm.net

    • rockersjamie
      July 16, 2016 / 9:49 pm

      Thank you for reading! Yes, the brow collection pretty much covers every brow need you could ever have! xx

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