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Beauty Rocks Styles: Burlingham London

I love watches as you may have noticed. I think you need a variety of different styles as one watch may not suit all outfits and I like to switch mine up depending on my look. A new British watch brand that has just launched is Burlingham London. These watches are British by design and are also unisex so suit either a man or a woman’s style. I’ve styled up the Confluence 00 watch in this post.


The great thing about the Confluence 00 is that it suits a range of different outfits. I first paired it with a printed tee from Zara and the colours of the watch really played off the colours of the tee. I love the green leather band of the watch as well as it goes with so many different outfits and I have not seen a green leather band like this so I think it really stands out and is unique. I am really into watches with big faces on them as well at the moment – so on trend! So the face of the watch is quite large which I like but still a good size for either a man or a woman.


This is definitely an accessory that you can share with him or her. The Confluence 00 is super stylish and classy, with a very British feel to it. The glass is also scratch-resistant which is great because if you invest in a watch you certainly don’t want it to get scratched. The watch is also water resistant up to 50M so you can take it on your next beach holiday as well!


There are several watches in the Confluence capsule collection and they are inspired by the intertwining pattern of tweed fabric and the numbers are classically British as well, with the 00 replacing the expected 12. The movement is Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement – one of the most reliable movements so you know that you will always be on time!


Burlingham London watches are quintessentially British, with a modern-day twist. All of the pieces are inspired by classic tweed fabrics, historical gold sovereigns and much more. The word that popped into my head when I discovered this brand was ‘classic’.

Also with every watch purchase a donation is made to the charity Cool Earth and 200 square meters of rainforest are saved with every purchase of a watch. How cool is that? I love a brand that gives back and it’s nice to know that when you are purchasing a watch you are giving back too. It’s a sad fact that within the last 100 years, 50% of all forests have been cut down. Cool Earth works with indigenous villages and puts local people back into control. They give communities the resources they need to protect the forest and keep their home and livelihoods intact.


This watch suits a number of looks and I’ve tried it with two in this post but it works with so many more! You can purchase the Confluence capsule collection now as the website has now launched and pre-sales are happening. Burlingham London ships globally and shipping is free on orders over £50.




To see more about Burlingham London visit their website HERE.



    • rockersjamie
      August 19, 2016 / 9:34 pm

      They are a new brand – a new British watch brand. They are really nice! Thank you for reading! x

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