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Ticking Off My Project List with Bidvine

I am one of those people who are really short on time! Honestly I don’t have much time for anything and I’ve found that recently I’ve been turning to service providers where the services come to me. Whether it’s groceries or massage therapists, I’ve tried a range of home services and delivery options and it has made my life a lot easier. I’ve hired cleaners to come clean my flat, ordered takeaways through apps, groceries online. You name it – I’ve had it ordered straight to my door. Recently I found out about Bidvine which is a service provider that allows you to hire a professional whether it’s a painter, personal trainer, cleaner or massage therapist.

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It’s really easy to use – you simply sign up, fill in an online form detailing what you need based on Bidvine’s service-specific questions and then your request is sent on to qualified professionals. Then those professionals start getting back in touch with you by providing quotes for their services.


This makes looking for any professional service provider a lot easier. Say you are looking for a personal trainer in London. What you would usually have to do is Google ‘personal trainers in London’ and trawl through all the results that came up, contacting each one of them individually to get back to you with a quote. Bidvine helps to cut all that nonsense out so you simply need to input what you are looking for once and then the quotes come to you. I am all for time savers so this is a brilliant tool if you are looking for a specific service. Bidvine also has loads of different services which they connect you with – from piano lessons to nutritionists to accounting services to public speaking lessons. Honestly if you need help with just about anything you can find it through Bidvine.


My experience with Bidvine is that I am looking for a personal trainer. I detailed exactly what I needed – one person to come to me on a Saturday morning for one month to have a personal training session where we worked on toning and aerobic fitness. Within one hour I got my first quote back from Leotrainer Ltd who quoted me £29 for a one-hour session but which would include this person’s travelling time to come to me, nutrition counselling if needed, etc. Not bad!


Think of Bidvine as a matchmaking service that hooks you up with different service professionals in the area you need. Once you get the quotes in from the professionals, you can choose the one you want to work with.

I love to tick things off my list so found this service to be really helpful. Now, back to that personal training!

To book a service on Bidvine see HERE.

This post was in collaboration with Bidvine but all opinions are as always, my own!


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