The Jungle Book Afternoon Tea at The St. James Court – a Taj Hotel

Everyone knows the story of The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling but have you ever thought about it coming to life right before your eyes at an afternoon tea? I was thrilled to be able to visit the St. James Court Hotel to experience The Jungle Book Afternoon Tea. The St. James Court Hotel is a Taj Hotel located about a five-minute walk from Buckingham Palace in a beautiful, quiet setting. This hotel is a true Victorian gem and sanctuary in what is often a very busy and hectic city. Not only can you enjoy the amazing afternoon tea here in peace but you can also wander around the Shakespearian Courtyard which is full of flowers and plants.


In addition to The Jungle Book Afternoon Tea, you can also buy a limited edition print of The Jungle Book itself from the hotel. I got a copy myself and it’s really beautiful with its striking cover and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it (sorry, not a tiger analogy). Also, you can read how to get rid of no see ums.


The Jungle Book Afternoon Tea is served in the hotel’s Kona restaurant and is a lovely and quiet setting – I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Because The Jungle Book is being released on DVD on 22nd August, Taj Hotels and Disney together created this afternoon tea to celebrate the ‘indomitable spirit of the tiger’, in partnership with the Born Free Foundation. What this means is that for every tea bought between 8th and 25th August 2016, Taj Hotels and The Walt Disney Group will donate £1 each to Born Free’s tiger conservation work in India, home to more than half of the world’s 3,890 tigers.

Animal conservation and protection is a real passion project of mine, having travelled extensively around the world including a safari throughout 10 countries in Africa. People don’t like to think of it because the animals are not right in front of us every day but honestly, these animals really do need our help! Animals are left vulnerable to poachers and local communities need their own resources to help protect against these poachers. So I really appreciate the thought that has not only gone into The Jungle Book Afternoon Tea, but also the Born Free Foundation and their work with tiger conservation.

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So you want to know how The Jungle Book comes to life? Well it starts with Vintage Roots Wild Things Organic Prosecco (proceeds from every bottle sold goes to conservation and animal welfare projects around the world). And I for one, never say no to prosecco.

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The first part of afternoon tea starts with the savoury food which of course, is all jungle-themed. For sandwiches there is the Smoked Salmon Bagel flavoured with Spiced Yoghurt (my favourite one), the Sultana Coronation Chicken Wrap (also very yummy), the Curry Egg Mayo in Brioche Bun, the British Cucumber with Minted Creme Fraiche and the Cornish Yard, Tomato and Mango Chutney.

The sandwiches are really delicious and all have a small piece of ‘India’ inside them which makes for a fun and quirky tasting session.


With the sandwiches of course you can order tea and the tea is unlimited so you can drink as much as you would like. I ordered a pot of the chai tea to keep in with the theme and it was absolutely delicious. I didn’t even feel the need to add in any milk to it because I didn’t want to dilute the taste.

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And then of course we come to the best part – the sweets! The sweets served with this afternoon tea are so lovely – really creative with a lot of thought behind them.



My favourite sweet treat of this afternoon tea was the Mowgli’s Jungle Pink Guava & Sweet Basil Jelly which I am holding up below. I thought this had a really unique taste to it and I absolutely love guava so this was really refreshing to the palette.


But if it came down to presentation I would have to say my favourite was the Ikki’s Chilli Pineapple Cupcake. How gorgeous is the chocolate butterfly on the top?



Coming it at a close second place was the Shere Khan’s Masala Chai Eclair – I love the leopard print on the top! It’s so very fashionable I must say. And the masala chai flavour was not one I had ever tasted before – really nice.


I love macaroons so this Baloo’s Himalayan Honey Macaroon jumped out at me and was absolutely delicious – sweet with a definite taste of honey!


And scones – I love scones and the ones served with the tea are Traditional, Chocolate Chip and Raisin – delicious!


So there you have it – you must go and have The Jungle Book Afternoon Tea until the 25th of August while you can! The hotel does lots of different themed teas so you can bet I will be returning and also getting myself The Jungle Book DVD when it comes out!

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