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Home ยป Glossybox x Rae Feather Unboxing!

Glossybox x Rae Feather Unboxing!

Glossybox is celebrating their five-year anniversary this month and with that have collaborated with of-the-moment accessories label Rae Feather (if you haven’t seen their monogrammed totes, OMG). This is a fantastic box this month and one you will want to get your hands on – especially for the personalised GB make-up bag. Let’s see what’s inside!


First of all I love the monogrammed box itself this month (if only my initials were GB!) – very Rae Feather and super cute. There are lots of nice goodies in this box as well this month and I always feel my Glossyboxes are such good value for money.


The item I like the most in this month’s box (besides the monogrammed make-up bag) is the MUA Eyeshadow Palette. This has 12 colours and the palette is full of the most popular colours of any of their palettes, as voted by consumers. So this is certainly worth a look at. I’ve been really impressed with the MUA palettes – they are quite good especially for what they cost!



Needless to say I love the Rae Feather ‘GB’ monogrammed pouch inside and it’s the perfect little size for a weekend away. The RRP value of this pouch is £20 so for this alone you cannot complain about the value of this month’s Glossybox!


Another quite good product in this month’s box is the Spa to You Deep Pore Facial Cleansing Brush. If you have been after a cleansing brush this one is for you, at a very reasonable price! I used this the moment I got it and I do like it but I think I need to use it a few more times to break in the bristles so they are a little bit softer. So this brush gives you quite an intensive scrub just to give you the heads up!


And who doesn’t love a mud mask? The MudMasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask is one I haven’t tried before so this excites me in regards to new brand discovery. This is one of the first PH-balanced facial treatments and is formulated with all-natural ingredients. You should use it once a week to detoxify the skin. I will definitely be slathering this on my face later!


Glossybox subscriptions start at £10 a month plus postage so it’s an amazing value!

For more info see here.

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