My Big Beauty Discovery When I Turned the Big 30

Turning 30 can be scary sometimes and trust me I know because I’ve been there, done that! There are a few beauty discoveries that I have made over the years but the biggest one that I discovered when turning 30 was that it’s really important to wear sunscreen. I didn’t wear it enough when I was younger or in my teens and would often bake for hours under the sun to get that golden tan. I really, really regret that now and wish there had been more education at that time in regards to sun protection. Because the things you do to your skin in your 20s will definitely come back to haunt you in your 30s. So my biggest beauty discovery at 30 was that prevention is always better than the cure!


I’ve made a video with The Hero Project who have just launched their new Vit C-30 Serum aimed at those in their 30s that want to tackle fine lines, uneven skin and dullness. I noticed that when I started getting older that my skin tone became more uneven and I started getting hyperpigmentation. I could see that the sun damage that had occurred invisibly in my youth had now come back to haunt me! Vitamin C is really good at brightening the skin and The Hero Project Vit C Serum has a very high concentration of it.

VitC-30 (1)

Image Credit: The Hero Project

You can see my full video that I made with The Hero Project on Instagram here:

You can also join the @theheroproject on their #beautyonamission by sending your big beauty discovery at 30 to [email protected]

Lucky winners whose videos are posted will win the superb VITC30 serum!

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