Chanel Le Rouge Collection: The Power of Red

Everyone knows that red is a power colour and a power player when it comes to fashion and beauty. There is nothing like a swipe of a red lipstick, rouged cheeks or a red accessory (think Christian Louboutin heels with a discreet red sole). Therefore it comes as no surprise that for Fall 2016 that Chanel beauty has focused on the colour red in their latest Chanel Le Rouge collection. “Red is intense, vulnerable, sexual and eternal” says Lucia Pica, the Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer for Chanel beauty says. Le Rouge is her debut collection for Chanel beauty and let me tell you, it is sexy indeed. 

Chanel Le Rouge Collection with Lucia Pica Chanel Le Rouge Collection with Lucia Pica

As you can see in the images above and below it’s all about the RED. From iconic red to brick red, there is red everywhere in this collection and the burnt hues are perfect for fall. I’ve always been a fan of red lipstick and the red lipstick from Chanel is iconic. There is something about the click of the black case and the two white C patterns intertwined. It’s a special brand that’s for sure and one that is synonymous with luxury. 

I am in love with the Rouge Allure lipsticks below – yes, they all contain an element of red. From the nude beige Rouge Ingenue (far left below) to Rouge Feu, a beautiful classic red with orange tones (middle lipstick below) to Rouge Vie (far right below) with its deep rosebud hues – they are all gorgeous. 

Chanel Le Rouge Collection with Lucia PicaChanel Rouge Allure Lipstick

I love the Rouge Vie colour (bottom right) in particular and the flat applicator shape of the lipsticks allows you to draw on the lipstick quite perfectly without the need for lipliner. This lipstick is matte but doesn’t feel drying at all which I like as some matte lipsticks really dry your lips out. This one remains smooth and doesn’t crumble either. 

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipsticks

A fabulous shade I think that you can wear every day however is the Rouge Ingenue (below). This is a gorgeous nude beige shade that goes well with an everyday pared down but glamorous look. All of the lipsticks are beautiful to use and to look at – a true keepsake for the dresser. 

Next up we come to another kind of red and this time it’s for the nails. The Chanel Le Vernis Gloss in Rouge Radical is HANDS DOWN probably the best nail lacquer I’ve ever used. This is a long-wearing, high-shine gloss. Think pure, slick lacquer. It’s shiny and it applies somewhat like a gel or jelly which is really interesting with a slightly transparent colour of orange-red. It is simply gorgeous and a nail colour I go to time and time again. The colour lasts well over a week on the nails with very minimal chipping. I really hope that Chanel makes more of these in other colours because I will honestly be buying them up. The best long-lasting hi-shine nail lacquer to date. 

And fragrance…ahh. We can’t not talk about this collection without going into detail about the NEW Chanel No 5 L’Eau. This a very fresh and modern interpretation of the original Chanel No 5 which is pretty iconic in itself. The original Chanel No 5 fragrance has been around for quite some time and the fragrance smells of another time – the new L’Eau is a brighter and more youthful version of the original. Being not a huge fan of the original I was blown away by this beautiful fresh interpretation of a classic and it has made me fall in love with No 5 again. 

Chanel No 5 L'Eau.

So how did the masterminds behind Chanel fragrances do this? Well, perfumer Olivier Polge literally took each fragrance from the original fragrance and studied it intensly to understand its role. He upped the zesty scents and took out the more metallic ones, as well as removing powder from the base. I think this really was a bold and fresh move as the original No 5 does smell heavily of powder. It speaks of an era, of a time in history so it should. But this modern take on L’Eau is simply gorgeous and perfect with notes of lemon, mandarin and orange which then turns to jasmine, ylang ylang and bottoms out to cedar, vetiver and musk. Perfect for fall and will take you straight into summer too.

Chanel No 5 L'Eau

And for the eyes I wouldn’t normal think of the colour red but in the Le Rouge collection it works – mostly in the form of brick reds and burnt oranges. The Chanel Stylo Yeux is a waterproof eyeliner. I’ve got the colour Eros below which is a deep brown burgundy red. This looks amazing especially if you have green or blue eyes. The colour lasts for ages and doesn’t smudge either. 


And following this is the Les Ombres powder eye shadow palette – Candeur et Experience – a beautiful eye palette with three brown shades – warm, light and deep as well as a deep brick red colour. Again you can mix these together or use the red on its own for a braver look. If you do go for red on the eyes, keep the rest of the face minimal so you can really make those eyes pop!   

P8213442 P8213443

Well done to Lucia Pica and Chanel for this fabulous and daring new collection!

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