Packing Cool and Travelling In Style: Knomo x Ibiza Rocks

I love to travel – I am travel-obsessed! And when I travel I like to carry functional multi-purpose luggage that looks cool but also does what it is supposed to do. These days, because of Instagram and other social channels, people like to travel in style. From plane selfies to airport hauls, travelling in style has never been better. So sign me up, take me away somewhere exotic but please make sure I look good doing it! Enter in Knomo – I’ve been a fan of Knomo for a long time for their tech-savvy bags that double as power packs and fashion accessories. I hit up a sample sale in Shoreditch and never looked back.


From laptop bags to clutches that double as a power pack, Knomo makes it easier to take your tech on the go. So enter in the latest Knomo late summer collection in collaboration with Ibiza Rocks.


Ibiza Rocks is totally fashion-party while Knomo is cool, minimal and functional so when the two combine it’s a match made in heaven.

If you don’t know what Ibiza Rocks is it is officially called ‘The Ibiza Rocks House’ and is a boutique hotel in Ibiza that is immersed in rock star history being the retreat for legends such as Freddie Mercury, Grace Jones and Spandau Ballet.

The three collaboration pieces in the collection have been designed for each step of your trip: carry-on board luggage for the airport and flight; a backpack tote to carry your laptop and gear on days out around the island; and a cross-body clutch/travel wallet for taking to the pool or wearing as you party the night away.


I’ve chosen to go with the George Carry-On Trolley which is named after George Michael (what a legend!) who stayed at the House in the 80’s and filmed the iconic WHAM ‘Club Tropicana’ video around Pikes’ pool.

The George doubles as both a bag and as rolling luggage piece because you can pull out the telescopic metal handle which also folds up and zips away when you want to carry it by the short handles as a tote. The internal pocket also fits a 15″ laptop – score! This is exactly the kind of multi-functional luggage I like because sometimes manoeuvring around London with luggage is not easy.

To selecting a perfect travelling bag and collect to matching shoes. If you are travelling in hinting,camping,survival conditions try to collect boot knife that almost hide in your boot to protect your-self.


The inside is quite padded so I would feel safe leaving my iPad, phone and laptop inside. I hate the feeling of putting your laptop in the carry-on compartment on the plane and then have to watch the rest of the passengers around you to make sure they don’t put any of their own heavy bags on top of yours and potentially break your equipment.

I also like the design of the bag. It’s simple but cool and I really like the pop of colour when you open up the inside pocket. The design would suit either a man or a woman so it’s a nice buy because two can use it!


There are two other pieces in the collection as well – there’s a Tony Travel Wallet which is a smaller clutch that stores passports, iPad, etc and is wearable as a cross-body bag. There is also The Freddie Totepack which is named after Tony Pikes’ most legendary house guest, Freddie Mercury. You can wear this one as a backpack and can hold a 13″ laptop and other essentials as well.

Loving the look of the collaboration travel pieces? Check out the three piece travel collection HERE.

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