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The Rise of the Boosters – Beauty Rocks

I’m not sure if you have heard or not but boosters are a big thing in skincare. I’ve been using boosters since they appeared on the market in the last year and found them to be an exciting addition to my skincare regime. I like the fact that you can add them to a range of products to boost their effectiveness and you can also target specific skincare issues with them such as dehydration, sagging or dullness. So here’s to the rise of the boosters!

The Rise of the Boosters

Bio-Extracts Face Cream Rich with Bio-Extracts Boosters

I’ve recently come across Bio-Extracts which is a brand that makes a whole host of boosters for every skincare need under the sun and uses biotechnology that allows you to combine creams and boosters at home in your home lab (how cool!). Each booster contains highly purified ingredients and active fractions of plant extracts that you can add to face cream and create a bespoke cream. I love the ‘syringe’ look of the boosters – it’s very scientific cool!

So how do you use them? First of all you need to pick a face cream ‘base’ and then you choose your booster after that. The ‘base’ face creams are all based on consistencies such as light, medium and rich depending on what kind of formula you are after. The face cream in itself is quite cool and has a structure that is very similar to the layers in the skin and it mimics the skin lamellar structure acting as a ‘patch’ on the skin. Fabulous for if you live in a large city and also great for winter because the cream is so protective.

Bio-Extracts Face Cream Rich with Bio-Extracts Boosters

So I chose the Bio-Extracts Face Cream (Rich) which is meant for dry, damaged or mature skin. I like a thick, rich cream and I liked that there was a choice in selecting one.


Once you have chosen your cream you need to choose a booster! And once you have chosen a booster you can then dispense the perfect amount for your face and simply add 1-4 drops of your chosen booster – simple as.

Bio-Extracts Boosters

I’ve got a host of things I want to target including hydration, lifting, wrinkle-busting and anti-oxidant infusion. Therefore I chose 4 boosters – the Bio-Extract Hydro-Boost, Lifting Boost, Anti-Wrinkle Boost, Anti-Oxidant Boost.


The boosters come in cool syringes and are very easy to use. If you are worried about pollution effects on the skin I would recommend the Anti-Oxidant Boost which helps to neutralise oxidative stress from environmental toxins. Think of this as a drip for the skin that will help to defend against anything that comes to attack it.


If your skin feels deflated and dry then I would recommend the Hydro Boost which contains botanical hyaluronic acid to help plump and moisturise the skin. Think plumping and boosting. I know that the time I look the oldest is when I feel like my skin is deflated. It’s all about the plumping which we lose naturally over time. This will help!


If you feel like your skin looks a bit saggy then I would go for the Lifting Boost which is an intensive tensor-lifting serum. The silky serum has immediate lifting properties and adheres to the skin to form a continuous and cohesive lifting film which helps the skin to look less saggy and lose.


And finally if you have lines that you want to tackle and target then the Anti-Wrinkle Boost would be best for you. This contains a matrix of Peruvian tree Tara and Green Algae that helps to increase the production of dermal collagen – bring it on!


I’ve quite enjoyed feeling like a scientist in my own lab with these products! Have you used boosters?

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