Gathering Wood: Interiors with Falegnameria Bariza

I always love a piece of handcrafted furniture and I really respect the amount of effort and love that goes into it. My brother used to take woodworking when he was in high school and would often come home with projects that he had made – from wooden picture frames to full dresser drawers. I was always a little bit envious that he owned something that he had made with his own hands. I’ve recently become a little bit obsessed with all things interiors and I would like to start to talk about it a little more! My family has always been good with making things by hand – my brother with his set of dresser drawers and my sister even took an upholstery course and made her own chair! So basically I am after some wooden shelves now and a chair as I’ve been feeling left out. I’ve recently discovered Falegnameria Bariza, wood working specialists from Italy (Cortina d’Ampezzo), who have been making luxury houses and wooden furniture for almost a century, passing down their family’s exceptional craftsmanship through the years.


They have recently made their way over to the UK from Italy and make everything from wooden furniture to swish houses for celebrities! I’ve included some images from their work in this post – from full rooms to individual handmade furniture accessories. 


These days I’m all about that Hygge life – I just want to curl up on a couch in front of a fire and not leave! The image above is my ideal room of the moment – everything is made bespoke and looks really unique. The Bariza woodworkers can design bespoke and tailor-made items for you as well and everything that they do in regards to production and polishing are carried out by hand to preserve the natural properties of the wood. Their philosophy is all about moving away from mass production and back to an emphasis on the craftsmanship. 

bariza-luxury-houses-3 bariza-luxury-houses-7 bariza-luxury-houses-4 bariza-luxury-houses-5

Falegnameria Bariza used to be reserved just for the exclusive ski-chalets but now you can commission the brands services right here in London allowing us the option to have these bespoke designs in the comfort of our own homes.

What kind of furniture do you like to create that cosy atmosphere (the hygge life)?


*This post was in collaboration with Falegnameria Bariza but all views are my own (and I would really love to live in the house featured in these images!)



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