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Winter Sun Protection (Yes You Need It)

If I had a bit of beauty advice I would pass along to my younger self it would be to WEAR SUNSCREEN! I’ve read so many studies and skincare articles in my life that say if you did one thing to prevent ageing it should be to wear sunscreen. That’s right – you can throw away your serums (okay don’t really go this far) and only wear sunscreen as an anti-ageing solution. But seriously, it’s really important to wear sun protection and I really want to harp on about this because it’s important. Even in the winter you need sun protection. That’s right – winter sun protection. I’ve been pretty careful about it recently and also stepped up my anti-pollution skincare since I live in London. So SPF and anti-pollution skincare products are now my #1s. 

Elle Magazine and Ultrasun Hand Cream with Ultrasun Eye Cream and Face Cream

I’ve stumbled across Ultrasun recently because they included a product in the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar which I reviewed HERE last week. I was particularly interested in the Ultrasun SPF50+ Anti-Ageing & Anti-Pigmentation Facial Sun Cream. Why? Because my current skincare regime didn’t have any products with SPF and I realised that none of my make-up did either. So what I was doing was putting on an SPF 30 Cushion Foundation as a Primer and then using my regular foundation on the top. However, I had been wanting to try a face cream with a high level of SPF. Also because of previous sun damage I really have had some pigmentation issues that cropped up later in life once exposed to the sun. So I wanted to target those at the same time. 

Ultrasun SPF50+ Anti-Ageing & Anti-Pigmentation Facial Sun Cream

The Ultrasun SPF 50 Anti-Ageing & Anti-Pigmentation cream is quite good. The cream does feel thick like a protective layer and quite rich in texture. I like that this is an SPF with anti-ageing ingredients including powerful antioxidants as well as anti-pigmentation ingredients. It’s about time! 

Ultrasun SPF 50 Anti-Ageing & Anti-Pigmentation creamUltrasun SPF 30 Hand Cream

Next up are the hands. Now the hands are exposed to the elements every single day and I can’t think of many times I’ve protected them with SPF. But why not? Hands should receive the same level of care as your face – with creams, serums and SPF. No one wants to end up with hands like Madonna (which I am sorry to say because the woman looks AMAZING – except for her hands). This Ultrasun SPF 30 Hand Cream is both anti-ageing and anti-pigmentation so if you are worried about age spots on your hands and preventing them well this is a great product to have for that. The cream absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy at all and is water-resistant!

Ultrasun SPF 30 Hand CreamUltrasun Hand Cream

And last but definitely not least is the area which shows the age first. And that my friends, is the eyes. I have had a very hard time finding SPF protection for around the eyes that doesn’t make my eyes water and feel terrible (because when SPF gets in your eye it hurts!). This Ultrasun SPF 30 Eye Cream is water-resistant and is lightweight too. For me it’s really important to protect this area of the face because the skin around the eyes is much more delicate and a lot thinner than the rest of the face, therefore prone to fast ageing. This Eye Cream protects against UVA and UVB and also works on minimising dark circles and fine lines. Who can complain? 

Ultrasun SPF 30 Eye Cream

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