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5 DHC Products You Should Know About

In Japan, DHC is pretty much a household name. It’s easy to buy and everyone knows it. I lived in Japan for four years and first came across the brand there and when I moved to the UK I was delighted to see that I could get some of the products here too! I’ve got five products that I pulled together that I think you should know about – some are new and some are classics.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is a classic and the hero product of the whole DHC range. I remember when I lived in Japan I tried this oil and I really loved it. I’ve been using it for years. It’s not expensive and it does the job – it removes make-up, grime, oil – everything. The key ingredient in the oil is olive oil which is super high in anti-oxidants. It also doesn’t leave your skin greasy at all. You simply apply it to dry skin, massage it in and once you add water, it turns into a milky emulsion which is very easy to rinse off. It’s a great cleanser that gets the job done without totally stripping your face bare of all moisture and natural oil.

DHC Deep Cleansing OilDHC Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC Gel Eyeliner EX (Black)

I had not previously tried any of the DHC make-up which was why I was so excited to include it in this roundup. I have been impressed by the DHC Gel Eyeliner EX – this stuff does not budge! I actually used it to fill in spots where my liquid liner missed and it was brilliant. It’s also great for smudging into the lashes for a more intense look. It’s quite smooth going on too.

DHC Gel Eyeliner EX (Black)DHC Gel Eyeliner EX (Black)

DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection

Again before I made this list I had never tried any DHC make-up. This DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection is another great long-lasting product. It doesn’t smudge or budge and it’s so interesting because it has water-resistant tube-technology that lengthens the look of your lashes. A bit like a rubber covering for the lashes. The tubes then slide off with warm water and gentle pressure – so cool.

DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double ProtectionDHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection

DHC Quick Film Smoother

Oh me, oh my! I really like this product and it’s quite an exciting one to talk about. Egg shell membrane has become quite the popular trend over in Asia these days and this DHC Quick Film Smoother has collagen-rich egg shell membrane peptides in it to instantly smooth and firm the skin. This is a great primer to use – it’s a gel cream but feels lightweight as well. Simply apply before putting on your make-up but give it a couple of minutes to dry before applying. I like to smooth this around the corners of my eyes for an instant ‘eye-lift’.

DHC Quick Film SmootherDHC Quick Film Smootherpb274687

DHC CoEnzyme Q10 Pack Sheet

I’m obsessed with sheet masks and they are everywhere in Japan and part of the normal routine there. The DHC CoEnzyme Q10 Pack Sheet feels cool and refreshing on the face after a long day. It’s also great to put on while you are watching something on TV. This mask is drenched in CoQ10 and helps fight free radicals (great if you live in a city or have been travelling a lot) and elasticity loss. And in Asia, everything is about collagen so they haven’t missed this out of the mask. This will certainly work on both plumping and firming the skin – great the night before a big event!

DHC CoEnzyme Q10 Pack Sheet

So there you have it! The 5 DHC products now you are glad to know about!

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