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Not Another Bunch Of Flowers: Gifts for Cancer Patients

This Christmas Gift Guide is a little bit different from the others because I am focusing on what to get someone who is suffering from cancer or even someone who is taking care of a loved one who has cancer. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer and the stats are scary – it is now said that 1 in 2 of us will get cancer at some point in our life. When it comes to gifting and sending condolences – these kinds of gifts are hard to choose because you want to get them something useful but not too overly ‘I feel sorry for you’. It’s also often the people who look after those with cancer who also need looking after because they give so much of themselves looking after someone else. They often probably wonder, who is going to look after me? For the sufferer and the caretaker both, there is such a good range of gifts for cancer patients on Not Another Bunch of Flowers.

cancer friendly gifts and gifts for cancer patients

The online web shop sells a range of gifts that are perfect not only for those afflicted with cancer but also for new mums or anyone who needs a bit of looking after! The business was started by Anikka Burton who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33 and had the full works of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy and 5 operations to date. In other words, not a nice time. When Annika was first diagnosed she was sent so many flowers from friends and family who wished her well that she ran out of vases to put them in. Not Another Bunch of Flowers was then born out of the idea that to brighten the day of someone who has an illness, you don’t necessarily have to get them flowers (like everyone else)!

cancer friendly gifts and gifts for cancer patients

On the website you can find everything from nightwear to puzzles to beauty products and accessories. I’ve chosen two products from the site that I think are perfect gifts for someone who is suffering from cancer.

The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook

When you get sick the first thing you think about is nutrition. Have I been eating healthy? Why has this happened to me if I’m so healthy? The thoughts can go on and on. When you are sick but need to eat wholesome nutritious food that is also very comforting then The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook might be just what you need. This cookbook has amazing, mouth-watering recipes that are not just looking to deprive you (there is a French Toast recipe in here!) but that are also wholesome and healthy. The book is divided into 3 sections – the first one is written by Dr Clare Shaw that discusses diet and cancer and the problems you may face during treatment (such as loss of appetite, nausea, sore mouth, change of taste). The next section is comprised of recipes to cook during treatment, which are nutritionally beneficial and wholesome enough to keep you strong even if you can’t eat too much. When you are feeling sick, sometimes you might not have the biggest appetite or some foods sound better than others – like soup and carbs to be exact!

cancer friendly gifts and gifts for cancer patientscancer-friendly-gifts_gifts-for-cancer-patients-5cancer-friendly-gifts_gifts-for-cancer-patients-6cancer-friendly-gifts_gifts-for-cancer-patients-7

The book is really beautifully illustrated – the pictures alone make you want to cook! And the last section is a selection of recipes for after treatment aimed at keeping you healthy. This recipe book would be a great gift for someone who is suffering from cancer and their caretaker. Everyone would love the recipes in this book. The recipes I also found were nicely varied and seemed relatively easy to follow. It includes contributions from top chefs and food writers including Mary Berry, Nigella Lawson, Ruth Rogers and Rick Stein.

Gent’s Lap Tray

Sometimes when you are sick you just don’t want to get out of bed. However, even if you are planning to stay in bed all day you still need to eat! I love this Gent’s Lap Tray which is so soft and comfy and fits right onto your lap. It’s got a padded cushion and is not heavy at all either. It would be perfect for eating, working on the laptop or reading. Think of it as a portable desk that is very comfortable and that you can take to bed – meaning you don’t actually have to get out of the bed if you don’t want to!


It’s got a beanbag base which moulds to the lap and is made in Scotland – hence the tartan pattern. It’s meant for a man but I also love the minimal pattern for a woman too. A great gift for someone in the hospital or for someone who is bed bound home. 

cancer-friendly-gifts_gifts-for-cancer-patients-11 not another bunch of flowerscancer-friendly-gifts_gifts-for-cancer-patients-1

For more cancer-friendly gifts and gifts for cancer patients on the site please visit HERE

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