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Merry Christmas! Lookfantastic #LFXMAS Box Lands

You know I love a good beauty box and what’s even better than a beauty box is a CHRISTMAS beauty box! The Lookfantastic #LFXMAS box has just landed on my beauty desk and it’s gold, luxe and Christmassy – just the way I like it. Let’s have a glass of mulled wine (like I am right now) and open it shall we? 

lookfantastic-lfxmas-beauty-box-december-2 Lookfantastic #LFXMAS Boxlookfantastic-lfxmas-beauty-box-december-4lookfantastic-lfxmas-beauty-box-december-5 Lookfantastic #LFXMAS Boxlookfantastic-lfxmas-beauty-box-december-11

Well, first up is one of my favourite natural beauty brands out there which is Balance Me. They make some amazing products using all-natural ingredients and this Pure Skin Face Wash is a perfect size for travelling for the holidays. This face wash is meant to assist congested skin clear with the added ingredient of frankincense oil – which helps target the appearance of blemishes. I know I’ve got long travel back to the States ahead of me for the holidays so just might pack this one in my carry-on bag!

lookfantastic-lfxmas-beauty-box-december-6 Lookfantastic #LFXMAS Boxlookfantastic-lfxmas-beauty-box-december-14

Over Christmas break I want to relax and to me relax means a long, hot bath. I love a bath bomb as much as the next one and this Bubble T Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Bath Fizzer looks and smells amazing. I like that it comes packaged up neatly and tightly so that it won’t make a mess in your bag if you are taking it with you somewhere. I’m planning to take this with me over the holidays to pop into the tub to relax, relax, relax.


Next up in the box is one of those classic hair care heroes you just can’t go wrong with. The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer was meant to be a favourite of Marilyn Monroe and helps keep locks healthy and smooth. It is designed to be a pre-shampoo treatment but I like to use it overnight if I am going to wash my hair the next morning. It’s great for parched ends. It doesn’t stain the pillow either!


I am a sheet mask addict so was excited to see this Skin Republic Caviar and CoQ10 Face Mask in the Lookfantastic #LFXMAS box. My skin tends to get dehydrated, even though it’s oily (don’t let your skin fool you!) so I rely on hydrating sheet mask to give my skin a thirsty drink. This one contains a blend of caviar (oooh fancy) which is rich in vitamins as well as Vitamin E, Witch Hazel (to fight blemishes) and CoQ10 for healthy skin. 


A classic red lip will never go out of style so you can never go wrong with a red lipstick. I’ve never tried Mellow before but I like the packaging and the look of this Mellow Cosmetics Madness Lipstick. This one is a matte formula and long-lasting. Let’s just hope it lasts under the mistletoe.


And last but CERTAINLY not least is one of my favourite brands which is Illamasqua. I love Illamasqua for their bold, high-pigment make-up but I have never tried their Hydra Veil Primer before so this mini sample is just enough to get my hands on. I can’t wait to try it to be honest because it is supposed to be amazing. Lookfantastic says ‘the primer is so unique in texture that it is best applied with a stippling brush to buff into the skin. You only need a tiny amount, a 5 pence piece will be enough.’ With those words, who could resist? I’m planning to put it to the test right away.


What’s on your Christmas wish this year?

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