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Pink Pearl Project at Nobu Berkeley ST

When you combine fashion with food it just seems like a match made in heaven right? I love a bit of bling (which you will know if you have seen my jewellery posts previously) so when I found out that Nobu Berkeley ST (famed Japanese fusion hotspot in Mayfair) had partnered with Alan Crocetti on something called The Pink Pearl Project I was intrigued. Pink + Pearl has to be good, right? Well, luckily it is. The restaurant (who is known for championing up-and-coming designers) has partnered with Alan Crocetti to create a bespoke cocktail that comes with a beautiful earcuff. And guess what? The earcuff contains a pink pearl, you guessed right. 


The Pink Pearl earcuff comes with the Pink Pearl cocktail which is really delicious (made with lychee, white grapefruit, elderflower, orange blossom and all the good stuff). The Pink Pearl earcuff gets its inspiration from (you will never guess) – the chopstick! The earcuff takes the shape of ‘two chopsticks grabbing the unadulterated precious stone in a nod to Nobu Berkeley ST’s Japanese beginnings’. So this is really a true collaboration where an established eatery has paired with a jewellery designer to create something special. The cost of the earcuff is £70 but comes with a complimentary cocktail. To be honest this would make a really lovely Christmas gift for someone (and you would get a free cocktail too!). It’s a good chance to gift yourself and another at the same time:) There are a limited amount of earcuffs available and they are only there for a limited amount of time. 


If you haven’t been to Nobu Berkeley ST yet it is a really lovely experience. The food is Japanese fusion – East meets West here in delicious combination. I went for cocktails and Japanese-style tapas which you can order from the Bar Lounge Menu between 5-8pm in the evening. Some of the delicious nibbles I tried included the grilled chicken with Wasabi Salsa (sweet with a kick), the Ceviche Roll (delicious and highly recommended – my favourite!), pork scratchings (oh so irresistable) and the Crispy Squid (another favourite). 


The atmosphere is discreet with low-lighting that sets the mood. This would be a perfect place for drinks with the girls or a date night with your man. You can see the full tapas menu HERE. Thank you to the lovely Abi from My Girls On Tour for letting me use some of her pictures from the evening event!

For more info on Alan Crocetti see HERE

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