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Shay & Blue: A Sneak Peek at Their Latest Fragrance

I’m a big fan of fragrance in general. I have a wardrobe of fragrances as I like to call it – one to suit every mood! I like to wear fragrance and I also like to write about fragrance. And when a fragrance lands that you know is just that good you just have to tell everyone about it! The newest fragrance by Shay & Blue is one of those kinds of fragrances. Shay & Blue are a boutique perfumerie that do things a little bit different with daring combinations that just work. This is a sneak peek as the fragrance launches in March 2017. Their latest fragrance concotion is actually Dandelion & Fig which is an unusual combination that caught my eye at their press launch last month. 


I have written about Shay & Blue previously HERE and I admire their ability to combine unusual ingredients and voila – come up with something unusually amazing. Dandelion & Fig is a unisex fragrance that is fresh and sexy. It contains layers of fig and dandelion leaf which work incredibly well together. The fig notes in this don’t smell sweet, they smell quite earthy which gives it that fresh scent. 


The top notes you can smell instantly are from the dandelion leaf which smell very fresh and zesty – quite uplifting actually! Then the fragrance moves to a heart note of tomato vine (see I told you they were different) and juniper. Last but not least we smell the fig which again is a more earthy tone. I LOVE this fragrance and give it a big thumbs up. This is completely unisex and could be for a man or a women – it’s sophisticated, modern and unique. This just may be the scent that people ask ‘what are you wearing?’


The fragrance will be available from Shay & Blue Marleybone Boutique, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis or M&S in March 2017.


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