Green Beauty: With Love, From Greece

I love discovering new brands from afar – there is something exciting about it don’t you think? Today’s post is all about love from Greece. I’ve recently come across a green beauty brand that I had literally stumbled across while on a shopping trip at John Bell & Croyden that I had never seen before and brands like these always catch my eye. The brand you ask? Well, it’s a natural beauty brand called Apivita whose source of inspiration comes from natural Greek flora and Hippocrates – who had a very holistic approach to health and beauty. The product that caught my eye was a Tonic Mountain Tea Shower Gel which I will tell you all about (along with some of the other ranges)! 

Apivita natural Greek brand with Tonic Mountain Tea and Refreshing Fig

With a name of a range like Tonic Mountain Tea who would not be intrigued? With a sniff at the fragrance I was even more intrigued – it smells fresh and almost manly with a unisex scent. I like these kinds of scents as opposed to something obviously artificially fragranced. The Tonic Mountain Tea range is fresh and herbacious – with 89% + natural ingredients. What is interesting about this range is that instead of water in the product there is actually an infusion of 3 organic plant species which ups the antioxidant levels in the range. This is what puts the ‘tea’ in the Tonic Mountain Tea name. 

Apivita natural Greek brand with Tonic Mountain Tea and Refreshing Fig

The Tonic Mountain Tea Shower Gel is particularly invigorating to use in the morning and contains this infusion of Greek Mountain Tea instead of water to help kick start the day. Again this is a fabulous unisex scent which means you can share this with your partner. There is also an aromatherapy benefit to using this shower gel as the bergamot and organic essential oils can help boost the mood. 

Apivita natural Greek brand with Tonic Mountain Tea and Refreshing Fig

To fragrance layer I would advise using the Tonic Mountain Tea Moisturizing Body Milk post shower. This is a lovely scent and it isn’t greasy at all so would be suitable for men too. It sinks into the skin quickly and leaves it with a fresh, herbacious scent. I love that it has a sexy hint of men’s cologne. 

Apivita natural Greek brand with Tonic Mountain Tea Body Lotion

I also love the Caring Lavender range from Apivita. As in the name, this is a caring, soothing range that is great for relaxing. I would advise using this for a bedtime ritual to ease the mind. We all know about the calming aromatherapy benefits of lavender so again, using this closer to bedtime would be ideal. 

Apivita natural Greek brand with Caring Lavender

I am a huge fan of body oils. There is something very soothing about applying a body oil – it’s almost like a ritual in self-care. If given the choice I would choose an oil over a cream at the end of the day but if I shower in the morning and have to dress quickly I would choose a cream over an oil. Therefore the Apivita Caring Lavender Relaxing Body Oil is best used in the evening. I actually love the smell of this body oil as it isn’t actually an overpowering lavender scent. It also contains almond oil, Greek olive oil, rose and calendula oil which you can sniff out in the formula. In fact, I think I can get a sense of olive oil in this blend the most – with it’s slightly herbacious scent. 

Apivita natural Greek brand with Caring Lavender and Green Beauty

If you shower in the morning and want a calm start to the day I love the Apivita Caring Lavender Moisturizing & Soothing Body Cream. This is quite a rich, luxe cream which again, smells amazing. Again, like all of the other ranges this cream features Greek Olive Oil as one of the ingredients. It also contains almond oil, Greek Thyme Honey and Greek Lavender Extract among other key ingredients. This cream is made for sensitive skin too so would be great for someone who suffers from eczema or burning/itching skin.

Apivita natural Greek brand with Caring Lavender and Green Beauty

Another interesting range that Apivita has is the Refreshing Fig range. I’ve got the Refreshing Fig Shower Gel with Essential Oils. I love the smell of fig so this range is really perfect for me. Again this is completely suitable for both men and women so it saves having to buy two different shower gels! Fig extract is rich in sugars, flavonoids and vitamins and provides moisturizing and soothing. In place of water, there is an organic witch hazel solution. 

Apivita natural Greek brand with Refreshing Fig

Overall I’m loving using green beauty brands when it comes to soothing body care. What are your favourite green beauty brands?

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