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Home » My Big Reveal (It’s Japanese Beauty)! – Beauty Rocks

My Big Reveal (It’s Japanese Beauty)! – Beauty Rocks

Okay so if you have been following me on social media and the blog you will know that I’ve been talking a lot about a BIG SURPRISE! I hinted that the surprise had something to do with travel and beauty so I’m super excited to say after a lot of planning and background work that my very own subscription BEAUTY BOX has launched! The reason that this has to do with travel is that my subscription box is an ‘Around The World Beauty’ theme and each month I will focus on a specific country that is special to me. Each box contains hard-to-find, exclusive products from that country, that I’ve specially chosen. I’ve had so much fun choosing the products for my beauty box and I can’t wait to give you a few hints on what will be inside. 

My Big Reveal (It’s Japanese Beauty)

Japanese Beauty - Products

So the theme for my first box is TOKYO LOVE! Yes, that’s right – the box is themed and it’s all about Japanese beauty. So why Japan? Well, I spent four years living in Japan (with pictures below to prove it – sorry for the grainy quality – no Olympus Pens on hand in those days) and immersing myself into Japanese culture. I spoke Japanese, I spent a lot of time with Japanese people and I also did a lot of beauty research while I was there! I just couldn’t get over how great the Japanese women’s skin was and how well they aged. I picked up a few secrets along the way and products that to this day I still covet. And the best thing is that some of them are in my TOKYO LOVE beauty box! 

Japanese Beauty - Photo Tutorial by Jamie 1Japanese Beauty - Photo Tutorial by Jamie 2Japanese Beauty - Photo Tutorial by Jamie 3Japanese Beauty - Photo Tutorial by Jamie 4  

The box is also an amazing deal – it’s worth $65 but only costs $25 ($40 savings). I wanted to bring you a beauty box filled with all my favourite beauty products from my travels but at a reasonable price. I want you to be able to share in my love of both travel and beauty too. 

So what’s in the box? Well I can’t tell you EVERYTHING that’s in the Tokyo Love box but I will give you some hints. And let me tell you – it’s very, very good and something I’m really proud of. 

Product #1 Hint: This product is from a cult-classic best-selling brand in Japan and this product is a high-end, award-winning mascara that is just let me tell you – da bomb!

Product #2 Hint: A luxury cleanser that creates a perfect foam. And foaming cleansers are BIG in Japan. With this one you only need a tiny amount to create a generous amount of foam so this will last you a long, long time!

Product #3 Hint: This brand is a super-cool brand from Japan that is EXTREMELY hard to find outside of Asia. The Koreans (who know a thing or two about skincare) are also obsessed with this Japanese brand who has a unique personality of its own. The product I’ve included from this fashionable brand is sure to make your lips plump for the perfect pout!

Product #4: The Japanese are famed for their onsen, in other words, hot springs. The Japanese LOVE hot springs and Japan is full of them from top to bottom. The onsen is one of the Japanese women’s best kept secrets – taking in the beautifying power of the hot spring. Full of minerals to enhance beauty and wellness – I’ve included something that will transform your bath into a Japanese hot spring. Guaranteed! 

Japanese Beauty - PorductsJapanese Beauty - Products  Japanese Beauty - Products

Product #5: Another Japanese beauty secrete? Shiatsu. Shiatsu is pressure point massage and it can be done on the body or the face. This product is super trendy at the moment and quite an expensive tool that helps relieve tension in the face so your muscles can relax….ahhh. 

Product #6: You can’t hang out in Tokyo without eyeliner, especially in Harajuku. So I’ve included a fabulous long-wear eyeliner that will have you partying in Shibuya until the early hours of the morning – or wherever you are! 

So how do you subscribe? Simply visit MyVlogBox to start the subscription. My Tokyo Love box is priced at $25 and can be shipped worldwide! It’s a rolling subscription which can be cancelled at any time…and you certainly won’t want to miss out on next month’s box either where I’m taking you to another fabulous place. So relax, put your passport away and travel with me from the comfort of your couch on this beauty adventure!

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    • rockersjamie
      April 30, 2017 / 5:08 pm

      Thank you Reena! They are really good – I promise! I picked them out myself and I hope you will subscribe and check it out! xx

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