Finding the Right Foundation Shade

Hey guys! I want to talk about an annoying little problem that probably EVERYONE who has ever worn make-up has experienced – getting the wrong shade of foundation or concealer. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are, I’m pretty sure 99% of make-up users have experienced this. I have had many a problem of getting an absolutely fabulous foundation only to quickly realise that it wasn’t my shade at all. Unfortunately these things happen a little too late for me because I am so keen to wear said foundation that I try to ignore that my face is literally 3 shades darker than what it should be – and someone always kindly points this out! Who knew that finding the right foundation shade could be so hard. 

finding the right foundation shade

This most recently happened with a Kat Von D Lock It foundation – an absolutely FABULOUS Godsend of a foundation but I couldn’t wear it because it was way too dark for my skin tone. In fact, when I looked through my make-up case I only found one foundation that actually matched my skin tone.

finding the right foundation shade

The issue with this is when you are shopping online. Shopping for make-up is really hard online and forget about foundations and concealers. So how do you get around this?

Well, fellow beauty blogger, girl boss and babe Jamila from Blush London has the solution in her latest app that SHE herself created called Slapp (how cool is the name??). So Slapp works like this. You download the app (from the App Store) and then once downloaded you take a selfie. You are then matched up with whole variety of foundations, concealers and products that ACTUALLY match your skin tone. So therefore shopping online for liquid foundation becomes a reality!

I tested out the app in several types of light and you really need to do the selfie in the most natural light possible with your bare face. So once you match your skin tone and a whole host of products appear just for you then you can start shopping. I actually found products on the Slapp app that I hadn’t seen before but really wanted to buy and I actually bought The Body Shop Lightening drops because I had seen it on the app (genius – Google them – they also have darkening drops).

Two other products that I got from the app were the Estee Lauder Estee Edit Pore Vanishing Stick. Now living in London has taken a toll on my skin, I have to admit and my pores have enlarged because of it. Enlarged pores and oily skin doesn’t mean that your skin is hydrated – it can be the opposite like mine. My skin is actually really dehydrated due to the city environment I live in – pollution and day-to-day life takes its toll. My pores have therefore reacted to this by enlarging and creating more oil on my face to make up for the lack of moisture. So needless to say I want to minimise those pores – ah why can’t we all have poreless-looking skin?! The Pore Vanishing Stick works – you can apply it over or under foundation for that Insta ‘filter’ look. Brilliant!

The next product I was recommended from the app was the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer. Now the Too Faced Born This Way foundation is a dream and I was so pleased that this concealer was perfectly my shade – as recommended by Slapp. It’s creamy, dreamy and conceals a late night and early morning like a boss. One of my favourite concealers by far and one that actually is neither too light or too dark for my face.

If you want to order make-up online but are scared to order because you think you might not get the right shade I would highly recommend checking out the Slapp app – it’s bloody brilliant and currently available on the App Store HERE.


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