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Spa Break: Escape to the Country

Sometimes when you don’t think you could possibly spare a moment for your own well-being is actually when you need it the most. I tend to live life always a bit tired, frazzled and burning both ends of the candle. Therefore I take well-being very seriously and as much as I don’t usually let myself take time for ME when I do I reap the benefits. That’s how I felt when I recently visited Moddershall Oaks, which is a boutique spa and hotel situated in Staffordshire, about two hours by train outside of London. Let me tell you that a spa break is just what I needed…

Spa Break: Escape to the Countryspa break and spa trip to Moddershall Oaks, Staffordshirespa break and spa trip to Moddershall Oaks, Staffordshirespa break and spa trip to Moddershall Oaks, Staffordshire

The trip to Moddershall Oaks came just at the right time – when I was feeling particularly strung out from a series of big projects and personal stress. Just the thought of escaping the city was like music to the ears – to somewhere fresh and green and where the streets have no name (you know, something like that!).

spa break and spa trip to Moddershall Oaks, Staffordshirespa break and spa trip to Moddershall Oaks, Staffordshire

Moddershall Oaks is situated next to a beautiful green woodland with a small lake so you can instantly feel the weight of the city lift off your shoulders when you arrive. Even if you are visiting Moddershall Oaks and aren’t from a big city, there is something so calming and peaceful about being beside that forest.

Upon arrival at Moddershall Oaks, myself and my guest were treated to a welcome drink which was a refreshing Prosecco + strawberry puree which certainly went down well after the long train journey. We contemplated what to do first and decided to settle into the room and then hit the spa first.

The room at Moddershall Oaks was lovely and spacious, looking out over a wide green stretch of grass and then further into the distance the woodland. Our room and the adjoining room also had access to a private hot tub which can be used at any time of the day – another added perk if you want to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.

hotel spa at Moddershall Oaksspa day at Moddershall oaks

The room has everything you need with extra points for a deep tub (I LOVE a deep tub), a sitting area and a HUGE king-size bed with lots of pillows that you can just sink into. You also get a robe that you can wear around the premises, giving the whole place a real spa-like feel. I always like it when you are allowed to wear your robe to the hotel restaurant and at Moddershall you can do that for both breakfast and lunch (not dinner – totally understandable) so it’s not unusual to see guests lounging around all weekend in their cosy robes.

Teatime in bedspa weekendelemis at moddershall oaks

So after exploring the room it was time to hit the spa. Moddershall Oaks has two pools – an indoor heated pool, outdoor heated pool and a hydrotherapy hot tub. There is also a steam room and a pine sauna. We hit the steam room first which was scented with eucalyptus – really good for clearing the sinuses. I love steam rooms and saunas – there is nothing more relaxing that lying inside and feeling your muscles just melt with relaxation.

Moddershall oaks spa break and outdoor poolModdershall oaks spa break and outdoor pool

As soon as I laid down in the steam room I could feel the tension melting from my muscles. I tend to get shoulder tension, lower back pain and also heavy legs. I get massages regularly and I find that both massages and heat are the only things that really help. So a steam room and a sauna are basically heaven!

At Moddershall there is also an experience shower with different settings such as ‘Caribbean shower’ or ‘Atlantic Storm’. A little tip? Alternating between a steam room/sauna and a cold shower are the best things for your skin and circulation. When I do this for an hour I honestly look about 10 years younger because it really ups the circulation and plumps up my skin.

After an hour in the spa I headed to my Elemis Poultice Powered Massage which is a 55 minute deep tissue massage with poultice. The poultice contains herbs that help to relax the muscles and ease soreness so it’s really good if you have muscle fatigue. As I said, I was pretty fried from a busy week when I arrived at Moddershall Oaks so a massage was just what the doctor ordered. My muscles react really well to a therapist hands. They are often stiff at first and take a few minutes to relax which is why I always recommend people to get an hour massage as opposed to 30 minutes because it does take some time for the muscles to really relax.

During the Elemis Poultice Powered massage a variety of aromatherapy oils are used which are incredibly relaxing and just what I needed. A massage is like deep breath to the body – it increases circulation which helps oxygen levels – it’s the best way to revive and refresh. After an hour of massage I could finally feel the last of the tension from the week melting away.  

day spa Jamie RockersJamie Rockers beauty blogger

Once I floated out of the massage it was time to get ready for dinner. Moddershall Oaks has an amazing restaurant with fabulous food so you not only do you get to relax but you also get spoiled with the truly delicious food there. The restaurant is cute and was busy on the Friday night we went – you can see the woodland out of the windows and the atmosphere is charming. I ordered a glass of Australian Shiraz and then waited in anticipation for the first course – the smoked salmon which upon arrival was indeed delicious. My guest got the venison which was tender and delicious – a real treat if you haven’t had it.

For the main I chose the salmon fishcakes – what can I say, I’m a fish lover! My guest chose the venison main as well which again was incredible (I definitely snuck a bite). I was too full to even consider dessert but I must say with all the choices I was incredibly tempted.

With a full stomach and relaxed mind and body we decided to take a nighttime walk in the woods. Why not? There is a woodland trail that goes through the forest next to Moddershall Oaks and the trail is very easy to follow – I even did it in heels. With only the flashlight on my iPhone it was quite eery at night but very peaceful with just the sounds of the trees swishing in the nighttime breeze.

If you do visit Moddershall Oaks the woodland trail is well worth a wander on – it’s so incredibly peaceful and all the green towering trees are a sight for sore city eyes. When you stand in the forest in all those towering trees it’s easy to feel as though your problems are so very small. So with nature at our back there was nothing left to do but tuck ourselves into the big king-size bed and drift off to a peaceful sleep.

The next morning I decided to take a long soak in the big bathtub and then slipped on my robe and headed to breakfast. The breakfast spread is also pretty good with options for both veggies and non-veggies and you can choose what you want for your main along with accompaniments such as fruit, toast and juice.

The weather was also lovely when we visited Moddershall Oaks so again the best thing to do is just potter around in your robe. We decided to hit the woodland trail again for another walk which was a completely different experience during the day with the birds chirping. I tried not to talk during the walk and just absorb the sounds of nature – refreshing for both the spirit and soul.

After a refreshing walk we headed back to the spa. The great thing about Moddershall Oaks is that you can check out at 11 yet still use the spa facilities until later in the afternoon. We decided to take full advantage and do another round – this time using the hydrotherapy pool and the pine sauna to further relax.

The trip was finished off with a late lunch of ham and cheese melted paninis (yum), salad and berry smoothies before taking a taxi back to Stoke-On-Trent to catch the train back to London. 

Moddershall Oaks is the perfect little countryside break if you need a bit of R&R (rest and relaxation). It’s a great combo of boutique spa, hotel and restaurant but with the added benefit of being just an arm’s reach from a beautiful forest. They also have spa packages that are well worth checking out! See what is available HERE.

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