From Tan to Body Blur: A Lookfantastic Beauty Haul

Summer is the time to TAN, TAN, TAN! I recently went away to the Cayman Islands for some beach fun and when I was deciding what to pack I realized it was all down to what kind of tanning products I needed for both pre-holiday prep and also during the holiday. And when I am talking about tanning I mean fake tanning – I’m all about the safety in the sun! So for this month’s Lookfantastic beauty haul it’s all about that glow…

Lookfantastic Beauty Haul - Product PHENOMENAL Lookfantastic Beauty Haul - Product Tutorial By Jamie

Vita Liberata Body Blur

What was life like before Vita Liberata Body Blur? Honestly, I don’t know what I did before this product came out. Think of it as a real-life Instagram filter for your face and body that departs a tanned glow and blurs any imperfections. Spider veins? Gone! Cellulite?Smoothed out.Bruises?Disappeared.This is an air-brush for your skin and it’s a MUST-HAVE product for your holiday or for a special event. You apply it just as you would a make-up or a body lotion – with a light touch. I applied it on top of my existing tan and it made my skin look positively glowing. The formula contains light-reflecting particles that illuminate and blur. Another tip? This also makes a hell of a primer.

Lookfantastic Beauty Haul - BODY BLUR

Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan

Again another must-have product. My only issue with fake tan for the past few years is that it is rarely instant. Even if it says you will get an instant tan from the tint it’s usually not so because the product still looks streaky. It’s only when it’s washed off hours later that you get that tanned glow. Well, the geniuses at Vita Liberata have made a speedy tan – in 10 minutes! Honestly all you need is 10 minutes as opposed to 10 hours (if you sleep in your tan like I do). Also I always wonder what’s in tanning formulas so I’m extremely comforted by the fact that this is organic and it also has anti-ageing ingredients. Honestly a winning tanning product all around.

Lookfantastic Beauty Haul - TEN MINUTE TAN

ModelCo 1 Hour Tan

So for my holiday I started out with a long-lasting self-tan (of which product I am going to talk you through shortly) but to top that up as I went I needed a fast tan but also one that developed into a dark colour. So say hello to ModelCo 1 Hour Tan. What I love about this tanning formula is that you can control your colour as you go. So if you want a top-up you can leave it on for one hour and if you want a deeper colour you can go up to 3 hours. This is all about how much time you have and how dark you want to go. And 3 hours for a deep, dark glow? That’s a small price to pay for sun-kissed skin.

Lookfantastic Beauty Haul - Product ONE HOUR TAN MOUSSE

Model Co More Brows

As I said before if my brows are on fleek then I feel at ease. On holiday this is important especially if you are wearing minimal make-up. Good brows completely change your face and if you have fabulous brows you often don’t need to wear that much make-up as your face is already defined. This is gel formula that contains tiny fibres that stick to brows to make them instantly look fuller. The brush is super tiny to allow for precise control as well so you cannot make a mistake with this product!

Lookfantastic Beauty Haul - Product More Brows

ModelCoFibre Lash Brush-on Lashes

When I’m on holiday I like a natural look meaning sun-kissed skin and minimal make-up. And as long as my lashes and brows are on fleek it’s all good. I LOVE these ModelCoFibre Lash Brush-On Lashes and I’ve actually been looking for a mascara like this for years. The last one I tried was ages ago in Japan and I could never find one to replace it. This is a two-step mascara kit that actually allows you to brush on false lash fibres to create longer-looking lashes. So first you just need to apply a coat of the mascara and then immediately apply the false lash fibres onto the lashes so they stick. After that you simply apply another coat of mascara (or two) to complete the look. Honestly your lashes will never look so good.

Lookfantastic Beauty Haul - Product MODEL CO EXTENSION MASCARA Lookfantastic Beauty Haul - Product MODEL CO EXTENSION MASCARA

ModelCo Self Tan Back Applicator

This is genius when you need to reach those hard to get to areas! I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I tried this – honestly I could never reach my back or in-between my shoulders before so this was a Godsend. The velour is really soft as well so won’t irritate skin and can be used with a number of tanning formulas including mousse, gel, spray or lotion.

Lookfantastic Beauty Haul - Product SELF-TAN BACK APPLICATOR

Vita LiberataTrystal Pressed – Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals

Okay so what about self-tanning make-up? In other words, make-up that also tans you. The wizards at Vita Liberata have done it yet again with the Trystal Pressed Powder with Self-Tanning Bronzing Minerals. This is a great product if you are one of those people like me who forgets to put fake tan on their face. So suddenly you get a bronzed body with a paler shade of face – an interesting look if you will. So these Bronzing Minerals were a welcome addition to my bag on holiday – they left a luminous glow while keeping my face looking as bronzed as my body.

Lookfantastic Beauty Haul - Product CRYSTAL

Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tanning Mousse

If you are going on holiday you want to have a tan that will last and last in case you don’t have time to top it up while on the go. So this Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tanning Mousse was an absolute necessity in the Cayman Islands. I was in and out of the sea and pool and I needed to look sun-kissed at all time. The mousse is really easy to apply and lightweight as well. And a great thing about this product is that there is none of that horrible fake-tan smell! This self-tan is perfect for someone who needs a long-lasting sun-kissed tan. With this one you should leave it on overnight to work its magic.

Lookfantastic Beauty Haul - Product PHENOMENAL

What are your favourite fake tan products or holiday beauty must-haves?

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