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Not Your Typical Member’s Club in London

Ah a member’s club. But not your typical member’s club in London. That’s what Grace Belgravia is – not your typical member’s club. This is a member’s club that focuses not only on membership benefits but also physical and mental wellbeing – and for women, only. Living in London, that goes a long way. If you go to the gym or a spa or just want a quiet place to get a coffee or a green juice then Grace Belgravia is like a one-stop shop. 

Grace Belgravia Member's Club London

It’s located in glitzy Knightsbridge where even the Waitrose housed in a Victorian building down the road has elegance. The area is quiet with that wealthy feel to it with cafes and high-end boutiques, located within a short walk from Harrods. The interior of Grace Belgravia is lovely as well – elegant with high ceilings and an air of sophistication. But what I liked most of all about Grace Belgravia is the silence. It’s peaceful and quiet – you could have heard a pin drop when I was there and when you live in a big, busy city that kind of peace is priceless.

Grace Belgravia Member's Club London Grace Belgravia Member's Club London Grace Belgravia Member's Club London

I was luckily invited to Grace Belgravia to experience The Grace Spa which offers a wide range of unique, targeted treatments without the hustle and bustle of a busy city spa. When you enter The Grace Spa within Grace Belgravia you are instantly enveloped in a blanket of peace and calm. It’s quiet and peaceful inside with an air of elegance, of course. There are plush lounge chairs where you can relax and have a cup of tea while you quiet your mind before or after a treatment. I like to take a moment to relax post-treatment instead of rushing back into my busy life and it’s nice that in The Grace Spa there is a space in which to ease your mind before the pain of entering back into the busy outside world. 

The Grace Spa

I was booked in for the JK7 Detox Refresh Facial and couldn’t be more excited to lay down and have an hour of peace and relaxation and in the hands of an experienced therapist. Whilst I’m all about DIY facials for maintenance at home there is NOTHING like a facial in the hands of an expert. I was once told if you live in a big city you should have a facial once a month for a deep cleanse at the least as pollution has a tendency to settle deep within the pores.

The interesting thing about the treatments at The Grace Spa is that they use brands and do treatments that are exclusively stocked there or only available there – think high-quality luxe ranges from organic to cosmeceutical. I had never heard of JK7 before but quickly into the facial (whilst enveloped in the most incredible aromatherapy benefits from the wide range of luxe oils used) realised that this was a little secret that only a few know about. It’s an organic range created by a doctor and made in Hawaii – I mean what more could you want?

JK7 Detox Refresh Facial

The products are made using the highest quality of ingredients which I soon came to realise with the absolutely gorgeous scents from the essential oils enveloping my senses. The Detox Refresh Facial is definitely what it says it is but with a kick of aromatherapy from the beautiful JK7 products that go with it. If your skin is feeling tired and sluggish then I would definitely recommend it!

The first step is always cleansing and the therapist used the JK7 Foaming Face Wash which felt slippery and luxe on the skin. I know I’m repeating myself here but the great thing is that every single product used smells so amazing it’s an instant lift to the senses.

The facial is all about renewing and refreshing skin naturally with lots of facial massage and lymphatic drainage techniques to lift and plump the skin. This is a great facial if your skin is looking slack, dehydrated and tired in general.

Another favourite product used during the treatment was the JK7 Detox Face Mask with Rose & Calendula which felt super soothing and really made my skin glow!

My skin was absolutely radiant after the facial and through to the next two days so this would be a great facial to book in as a treat, a maintenance facial or before a big event as it does both plump and lift the skin. 

You can still go to The Grace Spa for a treatment as a non-member and if you are a member you have the added benefit of using a herbal sauna, steam room and dedicated spa relax area. If you are looking for a member’s club in London then look no further!

For more information on membership or information about The Grace Spa see HERE

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