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Dressing For Your Mood

Does your mood influence your clothing choices or do your clothing choices influence your mood? It’s that age-old question of what came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, I think it’s both and we all have different ways of dressing depending on the mood. I mean if you compare my Saturday night look to my Monday morning look you will see they are vastly different! Perhaps to brighten up those Monday mornings I should inject a little Saturday night outfit inspo? It’s all about dressing for your mood in this post…read on!

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For example, take the power of a red lipstick. You may be feeling blah but when you put on that red lipstick your whole look changes and with it your mood. That confidence comes back in full force. Just what you needed. And those pink tassel heels? Yeah, those make you feel like a total rock star too. And what about on the opposite side of the fence? Don’t tell anyone but my Sunday uniform is a comfy pair of leggings and a sweatshirt (the bigger the better). And on Sundays my mood is different – I’m all about wanting to stay inside on a Sunday and not face the world.

Ice Watch Ice Glam Watch

So for this post I was super excited to be able to create two different looks with the brand new Ice-Watch Ice Glam Watch.

Dressing for Your Mood

For my first look I wanted to embody all that was light and carefree and build my outfit around the new Ice Glam Watch in Serene White. I mean the name says it all doesn’t it? This look was all about femininity with soft colours which reflected the mood I was in. The look was shot on a Friday so I was feeling carefree – I mean the weekend was on its way so what was there to worry about?

Ice Watch Ice Glam WatchIce Watch Ice Glam Watch Ice Watch Ice Glam Watch Serene White

Carefree to me means being natural – letting my hair go, wearing minimal make-up and feeling comfortable about the skin that I’m in. I chose soft, pink colours to reflect my mood which went perfectly with the new Ice-Watch Ice Glam Watch which has a buttery soft silicone strap with rose gold detailing. It’s the kind of accessory that is no-fuss, simple and yes, carefree. What I like most about the watch as well is that you can actually tell what time it is! I like my watches to be both functional and stylish and watches that are stylish without being functional (i.e. you can’t even read the numbers on the dial) are just not for me. It’s also super comfortable – just like this look.

Jamie Rockers Ice Watch Ice Glam Watch

The next look I wanted to embody was all about my playful side and these photos were taken on a lovely and breezy Saturday in the city. I had just spent a fabulous morning with my girls brunching at Duck And Waffle and I was feeling good (okay, I did have a couple of glasses of champagne).

Ice Watch Ice Glam Watch - Black London fashion bloggers

Going out on a Saturday for drinks puts me in a playful mood and I’m a bit more daring with my look with darker colours and deeper make-up. The red lipstick comes out and possibly even a bit of décolletage on show if I’m feeling confident.

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The morning was all about positivity and I was feeling strong, confident and a bit more fun. I built my look around the new Ice-Watch Ice Glam Watch (this time in black with rose gold detailing) with a bit of added edge.

I’m not the kind of person who wears the same outfit day after day. I do change my look according to my mood and that’s what makes fashion and wearing accessories so fun. Because if you can’t have fun with your clothes when can you have fun? Fashion should make you feel good – it’s all about confidence and having a little bit of fun.

Do you dress according to your mood?

Shop the new Ice-Watch Ice Glam Watch HERE (and be thankful that you can ALWAYS tell what time it is). 

*This post was sponsored by Ice-Watch but all opinions are my own and I had full creative control in creating and talking about the inspiration behind my looks


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