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Home » A Gin-Infused Afternoon Tea Bus Tour Around London

A Gin-Infused Afternoon Tea Bus Tour Around London

A nighttime tour around London. Gin cocktails. Afternoon tea. All three sound amazing right? And imagine if all three came together in one package in an afternoon tea bus tour?

afternoon tea bus tour Londonafternoon tea bus tour London

You don’t really have to do much to convince me to do a double decker bus tour – I actually do them in every new city I visit to get myself orientated with what the city has to offer. I’ve done them in so many cities around the world and I never get tired of them! It’s the best way to familiarize yourself with the sights. One tip is to take the bus all around and listen to all the facts and then take it around another time and get off at the attractions you really want to see.

afternoon tea bus tour London

So, on Friday night I joined my beautiful friend Jaz from Crush With Eyeliner and we went on a little tour around London with B Bakery and Hayman’s Gin – all on a double-decker bus. Some of the other people on the bus were celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or just plain having a good ole’ night out. It was so nice to see the sights of London by night – it’s such a beautiful city. A bonus was that we got to see the lights of Lumiere London on all the major landmarks from the bus. We got a bird’s eye view and beat the crowds – how good is that?

afternoon tea bus tour London

If you have visitors in town visiting London or are visiting London yourself then I would highly recommend booking the bus tour. It lasts for two hours and hits all of the major London landmarks as well as provides a full Afternoon Tea from B Bakery with everything from salmon blini to Coronation Chicken baguettes to lemon drizzle cake (which was delicious by the way and even infused and glazed with Hayman’s Old Tom Gin). I love to eat which you know if you read any of my other foodie posts.

afternoon tea bus tour Londonafternoon tea bus tour Londonafternoon tea bus tour Londonafternoon tea bus tour London

And of course, to top it all off you get 3 delicious Hayman’s Gin cocktails. The whole experience is so much fun and well worth it for the price which starts at £55 per person. And when you normally pay anywhere from £10- £15 per cocktail in London this pays for itself alone! I would definitely take my mom and sister the next time they visit or just organize a night out with me and my girlfriends. It’s even good for date night so guys if you are reading….

So, forget dry January (I have) and if interested book in the Gin Afternoon Tea Bus Tour HERE.

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