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Home ยป Fancy Being a TV Presenter? Behind the Scenes at QVC

Fancy Being a TV Presenter? Behind the Scenes at QVC

I guess if you are a blogger, Instagrammer, YouTuber you are a presenter in your own way, right? You essentially present information back to the public and you interpret products from beauty, fashion and travel and then present your experience back to your audience. I always thought presenting looked like fun and recently I was lucky enough to get to go along with the Julep and QVC beauty team for a little behind-the-scenes tour of all things QVC and Julep as well as a guest presenter audition!

QVC Julep

If you haven’t heard of Julep, they’ve recently launched on QVC (in January 2018) and are a Korean-inspired brand from the U.S.A. I’ve tried nearly all of the products and if you didn’t catch my previous posts on what I thought of the brand you will have to check it out HERE.

Korean skincare and cosmetics are a bit of specialty of mine I think and I’ll tell you why! I first went to South Korea in 2007 – nearly 10 years ago (OMG) when I was living in Japan. I went with one of my friends and we jet-set across the sea to Busan where we then caught the train to Seoul. For me and Korean beauty, it was really love at first sight, 10 years ago. I remember trawling the markets of Seoul into the late hours of the night, popping into all the shops along the way and scooping up A LOT of face creams. In fact, I worried that the Japanese customs, being as strict as it is, would wonder why I was carrying 20 different face creams in my bag on the way back.

Busan KoreaBusan KoreaBusan Korea

Needless to say, I had no problem re-entering Japan with all my beauty goodies because it seems that stocking up on Korean skincare was a thing, even back in those days but it was really only a thing for visiting Japanese and Chinese tourists. Now K-Beauty is a global phenomenon and trend and I’ve been so excited to see it grow to the stage it’s at now. Since that trip to Seoul 10 years ago I’ve revisited South Korea another 4 times, making my total visits to the country at 5! And of course every time, my love for K Beauty grew and grew and I could see the innovation and the product development happening there way before it hit the UK market.

So, it was really exciting for me to be able to spend the morning at QVC with Julep and going behind-the-scenes in the studios, dressing rooms and green room to see where all the action takes place. I also was lucky enough to audition for a guest presenter spot and you can see my audition here! It was my first-time filming for TV so I was a bit nervous but after an initial start, I soon got into it and my love for K-Beauty took over.

QVC guest presenter auditionQVC ChiswickQVC Chiswick studio tourQVC Chiswick studio tourQVC Chiswick studio tour

During the filming I focused on the importance of the double-cleanse, using the Julep Hydrating Cleansing Oil followed by the Julep Detoxifying Cleansing Stick with the Charcoal Konjac Sponge. I love a Konjac sponge for gentle exfoliation and Julep sources theirs from Jeju Island in Korea.

So, if you are curious, have a watch here and tell me what you think (excuse the funny face on the cover)!

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