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How To Look Less Tired Using Fillers (Contains Needles)

Once you reach a certain age some things need a bit more maintenance. Take body for example. I used to be able to eat an entire medium pizza from Pizza Hut with no consequences following such action. My figure would still be intact. Pasta with extra cheese? NO WORRIES. Well, when I hit my 30s I really saw a difference in the fact that I could no longer eat whatever I wanted and also that my skin required a bit more upkeep and maintenance. How to look less tired – isn’t that what we all want?

This is not to sound depressing – actually it kind of kicks you in the butt and makes you more aware of what you are putting on your skin and inside your body. In regards to skin I am lucky because I inherited great skin from my Grandma but even if you have great skin, age still sneaks up on you! My biggest complaint about my skin is a loss of structure and volume – it’s not as plump as it once was and I tend to look more tired and drawn. Now I’m all about embracing ageing and this is a natural thing and nothing to be worried about but working in the beauty industry I do want to take good care of my skin and I’m constantly striving for the solution of how to look less tired. And if my skin looks good, I feel good. It’s as simple as that. This is not about changing my face or what I look like but more about maintenance as I age.

how to look less tired using fillers

With all of this in mind, a visit to the VIVA Skin Clinics was in order. I had seen a few posts on Instagram and knew a few people who had been seen by Dr Rupert Critchley who were really happy with their results. I knew that I wanted to look less tired and after doing some research online I found the best procedure to treat tired eyes is a tear trough filler. A tear trough filler treats dark undereye circles as well as wrinkles and the results are quite impressive.

Tear Trough filler results Tear Trough filler results Tear Trough filler results

So how does it work? Basically, there are 2 injection points and the filler is injected under the muscle of the eye which tightens, flattens and smooths the entire area making you look fresh and well-rested. It’s a very quick procedure as well (around 15/20 minutes) and the results last 9 to 12 months! I’ve used so many creams for under eye circles and while they do really help nothing gives these kinds of instant results.

I didn’t find the procedure that painful – sure it’s uncomfortable but it doesn’t last long and Dr. Rupert uses a numbing cream so any pain is diminished. You can actually see the results straight away as well – this is INSTANT. VIVA Skin Clinics offer a wide range of procedures from chin fillers to Botox to chemical peels to non-surgical neck lifts (and even a Hollywood Hands treatment)!

Dr. Rupert was also kind enough to give me a few extra filler injections to help lift up my cheek area so that the whole area looked more refreshed (he does do cheekbone enhancement to lift up the area). And I have to say all of this looks totally natural as well. You never want to look like you have had work ‘done’ – the best ‘work’ only makes you look like you have spent a week at the spa and have come home completely rested and invigorated. The good thing about these treatments is that the results last around 9 to 12 months so that ‘fresh out of the spa’ look can stay on for awhile!

I also LOVE to wear bold lipstick so I couldn’t leave his office without a lip enhancement either. In all VIVA Skin Clinics treatments, they also only use hyaluronic acid dermal fillers from the Juvederm range. A note on hyaluronic acid – our bodies produce this naturally but it diminishes with age. Therefore as I see it, a hyaluronic acid filler is simply replacing the natural loss of hyaluronic acid which occurs with age. Nothing as scary as people think! I got a ‘small’ boost to the lips with .7ml of filler injected and I LOVE the results. Now I can rock those bold lipsticks with a smile (a fuller one at that). And NO duck lips, I promise you! If it didn’t look totally natural and wasn’t safe, I wouldn’t even consider it.

Viva Skin Clinics lip enhancement

I think the prices at VIVA Skin Clinics are also more affordable than other clinics if you are considering a filler, Botox or peel but are limited by funds. It’s also worth booking in for a consultation which is free so you can know you are in safe hands and that you can be recommended a treatment that is totally bespoke to you. After all, we all have different skin and needs and one face is not the same as another (you can see my before/after below!).

tear trough filler before and after


tear trough filler before and after


tear trough filler before and after


tear trough filler before and after

Also, after your treatment you will be sent an aftercare sheet with information about any side effects like bruising or swelling (which is completely normal by the way). You can see all the treatments available HERE. I totally lost track of time looking at all of them! I hope you enjoyed my post on how to look less tired using fillers – for me, it was worth it!

If you have any questions find me on Instagram @beautyrocksblog and never hesitate to send me a DM!


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