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Your Best Skin: Finding the Perfect Skincare Routine

Finding the perfect skincare routine that you love is tricky and it takes a lot of testing out different products and brands to see what works and more importantly, what works together. Therefore, I’m a big fan of skincare systems that work in harmony to give your skin the best results. In that way you know the products have been scientifically formulated to work together. I’ve tried products before that whilst they work fine on their own, when they are mixed with other products they don’t work together well and can often cause more harm than good – i.e. breakouts!

the perfect skincare routine
the perfect skincare routine

I’ve been lucky to try some amazing skincare products in this post (that all work in harmony let me tell you), in partnership with QMS! Medicosmetics. I will tell you from the start that my favourite skincare brands are always the ones that have been created by a doctor or dermatologist and in this case the founder of QMS! Medicosmetics happens to be a former cosmetic surgeon who specializes in the field of trauma. Over time, he developed this brand after studying the ways that wounds heal and how scars could be lessened through topically-applied products. Collagen was a big ingredient focus for him and hence, I’m here to talk about my experiences using the Classic Collagen Set.

So, what’s in the Classic Collagen Set? First off there is the Exfoliant Fluid, which is this cool blue gel that contains a cocktail of fruit acids and enzymes that you apply to the skin once a day (3 times a week when you first start out, then 5 the second week and then every day from the 3rd week) to help exfoliate the skin and prep it to receive either the Day Collagen or Night Collagen. Because you have to leave this solution on for 15 minutes and then wash it off, I think it’s better to use in the evening when people tend to have a bit more time for a skincare ritual.

It’s important to use this before the collagen serum (which in my case is the Night Collagen) because it helps your skin shed those dead skin cells that would otherwise be sitting on the top of your skin. Doing this clears the skin so that your next product will sink in more quickly – because having the skin prepped and ready to receive will help the product go to the deeper levels of the skin and do its job more effectively. Makes sense, right?

Your skin can feel a bit tingly the first time you use the Exfoliant Fluid and might even get a little red but rest assured, it is doing its job and your skin will get used to this over time.

The set, as mentioned, comes with the Day Collagen and Night Collagen which are both serums, one for the day and one for the night. The Day Collagen is a lovely light gel formula that sinks into your skin in a jiffy which is nice if you have mornings like me where there’s not much time before your next skincare step. It’s a hydrating serum so it helps to hydrate the skin, smooth fine lines and also protect against environmental aggressors which is a big focus for all of the QMS! Medicosmetics ranges. So, if you DO live in an urban environment, these are really great products to look into if you are concerned about pollution. More on that in a bit though!

The Night Collagen is obviously a night serum – so for me I apply this after I’ve done my Exfoliant Fluid ‘mask’ I like to call it. The Night Collagen is a light orange gel that feels slightly heavier than the Day Collagen which makes sense because it’s for the nighttime, when your skin is regenerating. This serum is all about repair and cell regeneration with both collagen and powerful peptides in it. You can also use this on the eye area too so worth noting that you don’t need to use a separate eye serum.

QMS! Medicosmetics Night Collagen

It’s worth noting as well that The Classic Collagen Set of Exfoliant Fluid, Day Collagen and Night Collagen was tested on a group of 31 people over 12 weeks and the system was clinically proven to improve moisture in the skin by 264% and reduce wrinkles by 18%. Impressive indeed!

The next skincare system I want to tell you about is the EpiGen Anti-Pollution Duo. Now this little duo is perfect for those living in an urban environment because these products are all about counteracting the damage caused by environmental aggressors. And in London, there are plenty!

EpiGen Anti-Pollution Duo

The first product which I absolutely LOVE is the EpiGen Pollution Rescue Overnight Mask. This is a nice foam mask that comes out light and airy and smells amazing as well. You can use this after the Night Collagen as your nighttime moisturiser 2 to 3 nights a week. Because once you apply it you don’t have to rinse it off, you can simply pat it in and leave it on while you sleep. When I used this, I did notice my skin was extra glowy in the morning.

The EpiGen Pollution Rescue Overnight Mask is great for skin that is stressed out and tired as well because it helps to counteract that and make skin more resistant to stress (thank goodness). I think that’s why I woke up with a glow! The EpiGen Anti-Pollution Duo comes with the EpiGen Daily-Detox Serum as well which is a lovely silky serum that feels great on the skin and again works to tackle damage caused by environmental aggressors which cause both ageing and cell damage. It essentially makes the skin stronger, reinforces the skin’s barrier and helps hydrate and reduce wrinkles/fine lines. Perfect right?

Now the final product I want to tell you about if you are concerned about pigmentation and uneven skin tone is the QMS! Medicosmetics SkinTone Light Serum. This is basically pigmentation’s worst enemy in a bottle. I’ve got pigmentation issues that I’ve been treating for some time. I’ve got melasma on my forehead which I’ve been treating with chemical peels but also have a bit of pigmentation on my cheeks. Overall my skin condition is good, but these are my main areas of concern. Hence, the SkinTone Light Serum was needed!

QMS! Medicosmetics SkinTone Light Serum

What the serum does is help get rid of dark spots and also helps prevent them from forming in the future. Pigmentation is essentially skin discolouration and can be caused by sun damage and ageing. The SkinTone Light Serum contains Soy Isoflavone, Garden Cress extract, Hexylresorcinol and Oligopeptide-34 in the formula which helps to ‘block the synthesis of melanin in different phases’. The result is a lightened appearance of those spots.

You can use the SkinTone Light Serum for both the day and night under your normal moisturiser to help keep pigmentation at bay! This does take some time to work and the results can be noticed a few weeks after you start using it.

Overall, I’ve been really impressed with the QMS! Medicosmetics ranges. I love that they are formulated by a doctor and therefore actually work. And through the products, I think I’ve just found the perfect skincare routine. Give me a shout if you have tried any of the products!

*This is a paid partnership with QMS! Medicosmetics however all personal views and opinions are my own


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