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The Best European Music Festivals: Vogelball 2019

I had never been to a European Music Festival before. Until this year when the opportunity to attend Vogelball presented itself – which is the whole reason I spent a long weekend in Hamburg. Vogelball is an electronic music festival where the theme is all about letting go and being free. Hence people have taken that theme and translated it into being free as a bird so there was a lot of feather inspiration in terms of festival wear at this year’s Vogelball 2019. Think glitter, masks, feathers with the theme of ‘free as a bird’ at the heart of it. To put in perspective for those of you in the UK, it reminded me very much of Bestival, with little hideaways in the woods and a very bohemian and eclectic vibe throughout. The festival (in its 9th year) takes place on the MS Dockville site on the river Elbe and it’s a very cool vibe.

Vogelball 2019Vogelball 2019Vogelball 2019Vogelball 2019

At the festival we met two make-up artists who used Kyrolan make-up to glitter us up and feather our faces in the most beautiful way. I loved my make-up look and really embraced the whole Vogelball ‘free as a bird’ vibe.

Vogelball 2019Vogelball 2019

One thing that really impressed me about Vogelball 2019 is that the entire festival is plastic-free. Drink cups are re-washed and when you are ready for a new drink you simply hand in your cup for a fresh one and a fresh drink. There are lots of water fountains and the bathrooms were clean. Trash is then minimal because the only trash you create is from food – i.e. paper wrapping from a burrito. The music is really eclectic at the festival, with lots of different independent artists so you can spend hours listening and going to different stages. There’s a whole adult playground kind of theme as well with giant slides and art installations that twist and turn when you touch them. If you do visit Hamburg the weekend of Vogelball (in August) is a great time to visit as the city is vibing at the time and everyone’s going to the festival.

Vogelball 2019Vogelball 2019Vogelball 2019Vogelball 2019Vogelball 2019Vogelball 2019Vogelball 2019

Also, the shuttle buses to and from the festival are so well organised so you can simply take a shuttle when you are ready to leave. No waiting for hours for your Uber to turn up which is always a damper at the end of the night after a festival am I right?

Have you ever been to any music festivals in Europe? 

*This trip was a media trip with Hamburg Ahoi but all views and words are my own, as always


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