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Home » 3 Spa Breaks Outside of London with 3 Spa Treatments You’ve Never Tried Before

3 Spa Breaks Outside of London with 3 Spa Treatments You’ve Never Tried Before

When people ask me what my favourite outfit is I reply with ‘spa robe’. I love the spa robe because I know that whenever I put it on, something amazing is coming my way. I absolutely love spas and I’ve always loved massages in particular. Honestly when people ask what kind of beauty treatments I splurge on, I always say spa treatments or massages. Hence I’ve put together a list of 3 spa breaks outside of London with 3 spa treatments that you might have never tried before.

spa breaks outside of London

I live a busy life and my body often feels fatigued. When my energy is low, I turn to the spa. I love to sit in the dry sauna and then take an icy cold shower or a dip into the cold plunge pool. Once I’ve finished my hot/cold therapy and my circulation is revved up I like to get a spa treatment. I’ve been so lucky as a beauty and travel blogger to get to try so many! When I do visit a spa, I like to get outside of London. I don’t go far but I do like to go outside of the city to get my spa fix simply as some of the spas in London can get so busy, even if it’s the best intention of the spa to keep a peaceful atmosphere. Here are some of my favourite spa breaks outside of London!

If You Have Time for Long Weekend Away

Fistral Spa at Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa

I recently visited the Fistral Spa at Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa in Cornwall which is a stunning location for a beach getaway in the UK. If you are coming from London, I would suggest flying to Newquay with Flybe just as it would take hours by train to get there from London. You can fly from Heathrow to Newquay in one hour and honestly it feels like another world down there. Once you land you will feel the sea breeze wash over you and the relaxation feeling will be sinking in!

Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa

At Fistral Spa they use all of their own products and oils which are fabulous. The treatment that I was able to try was the Gaia Poultice Massage which is a 60-minute treatment in which the therapist uses two heated poultices to massage all over your body. The poultices contain naturally-grown herbs that are part of the Gaia blend that also help to rejuvenate and heal the body. Mine contained rose which smelled incredible and we all know the benefits that rosewater brings to the skin.

Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa

Using these poultices helps the chi (energy) flow through the body and the oils that are actually applied to the body (the poultices are used for 50% of the massage) contain the Gaia elixir which is charged with energy from crystals. So not only does your body relax from the hot poultices but the therapist is able to work out the harder to reach knots directly with her fingers. Bliss.

Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa

Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa

If You Have Time For A Day Trip From London

Champneys Milton Keynes City Spa

If you don’t have time to enjoy an overnight or weekend spa break, Milton Keynes makes for a very easy day trip from London. So if you’re looking to get out of the capital for a few hours for some much-needed pampering, consider an easy day trip and try a spa day in Milton Keynes. I can assure you that you most definitely WILL escape the hustle and bustle of London. The standout treatment at Champneys Milton Keynes is the Sofri Candle Energy Candle Massage.

Champneys Milton Keynes City Spa Champneys Milton Keynes City Spa

I was first introduced to colour therapy at my local Chinese medicine clinic where I receive regular treatments in the form of acupuncture, cupping and acupressure massages. The practitionist took my pulse and put coloured patches on my hand. The thought behind this is that we can use colour to restore imbalances in the body. The Sofri Colour Energy Massage works in a similar way in that the therapist first asks you to choose the colour you are most drawn to. He or she then uses a Sofri candle that is a Colour Energy Activating Massage Candle, which means that the candle melts down into an oil that can be used in the massage. The oil is infused with all-natural ingredients and I’m sure we can all agree that warm oil poured on your back and massaged in is absolute bliss. The massage can alleviate emotional stress, release blockages for better energy flow and relieve fatigue.

If You Have Time For An Overnight Stay 

Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa

If you have time for an overnight stay and if you are looking for spa breaks outside of London but don’t want to go too far then the Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa is a fabulous option. It’s located in Newmarket, which is a quaint little town known for horse-racing. I stayed one night there and it was just enough to feel as though I had gotten a real break from London and after my stay there I felt both physically and mentally refreshed.

Bedford Lodge Hotel & SpaBedford Lodge Hotel & Spa

Of course the spa at the hotel had something to do with that feeling. The standout treatment at the Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa is the Balinese massage with hot stones. Now lots of people have had hot stone massages and if you haven’t I would urge you to try it just for the experience. Balinese massage uses a lot of different techniques including skin rolling, flicking and acupressure but in this massage from Bedford Lodge & Spa they use nice, long stretching and sweeping motions. Oil is poured in the centre of the body and then sweeping strokes ensure deep relaxation. The volcanic stones add to the experience because they literally melt your muscles so any pain is instantly eased. I love as well that they massage your stomach in this treatment – I always find this eases my digestion and it’s really good for moving toxins out of the body.

Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa

My recommendation? Get this massage and then spend the rest of the afternoon/evening in the spa!

What’s one of your favourite spa breaks outside of London?

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